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Beautiful graphics, nice story, cute little puzzles. The ending was very abrupt for me, but I liked the overall vibe of this game.

Ty very much for including it in the Bundle for Ukraine!

Played in 2017 on another platform and loved the shit out of it. I remember playing every single route, taking my sweet time - I spent almost 25 hours on it and still remember it to this day. Excellent game and an example of how in this genre every single narrative thread can add to the world building, making earlier paths more meaningful in hindsight. Both good and bad endings added so much to the story as a whole. Really well done!

Just played the Prologue and supported right away! This is ridiculously good, especially for a free game. I'm very much looking forward to playing episode 1, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the rest while I try to find all the different paths through the content already available. 

Oh wow, just gave it a first run and I loved it - very intense and dramatic and nostalgic in a way. Very good prompts and I love that you included the Oracles, they did come in handy.

I might actually use them on a few other solo journaling games, great addition

Very much looking forward to playing this, ty for including it in the Bundle for Ukraine

Oh wow, this is very extensive, and incredibly generous for this price. Love the aesthetic too!

If you're interested in writing your own stories, but are at a loss where to start, this is definitely a great resource. Incredibly well done, super inspiring!

I love how you actually have to read the clues to find the cute little characters, very smart and funny. Love this game!

What a lovely game. It made me think, and feel - I actually cared for the people lying on that table. It made me think about funerals I've been to, and how I'd want mine to be, and what options there might be. 

Beautiful experience, really well done

Scarily effective

This game made me laugh out loud. Hardest I ever Barded and it sure paid off!

Lovely little game, made me laugh out loud when I finally figured out why the cat statue kept moving around. Also made me facepalm.

Loved the owner, and the objects - I definitely feel like I haven't seen everything yet after 2 playthroughs. 

This game made me actually impulsively write some stuff down - that's a first after years and years of struggling with crippling perfectionism. Gives me hope! I'll definitely go and get the original, ty so much for this version.

Cute little game, filled with truths and dares and jello shots. 

Holy mackerel, what a game. I love the aesthetics, the voice acting, the gameplay, carefully listening to slightly different stories and comparing them, working out discrepancies. This is really really well done - and my favourite part is, there's no time pressure, and in the end you can't completely mess it up, giving you the freedom to experiment and try out theories.

Really well done, would definitely recommend.

Short and scary and color