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Yggdrasil Burnes

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I want to see a full-budget game in this style, now. It gave me a lot of Fallen London vibes, and anything that can put a candle up to Kennedy's writing is impressive as it is. The art was the cherry on top of this all.

I am officially the 10th. 


The thing about annihilation is that history is bound to repeat itself. Even if we die, we can't stay dead forever. Forever is too long for the possibility to never occur, and reoccur again. Eventually, everything will happen, then happen again, ad infinitum.

Godspeed to the remaining.

A few base functions for the future:

Save feature, or at least an export/import system for masks.

Returning materials when demolishing structures as not to soft-lock the game. (I doubt stones and trees respawn, do they?)

Other than those, this seems to be going along really well. Reminds me of the old Animal Crossing games.

I have many questions.

When ROGUE has fallen so far into obscurity that we unironically think it's spelled rouge-like.

Just like how Moonlighter is a Recettear-like, but nobody know what Recettear is.

A really nice screensaver, though I am having trouble making the installable version run properly. Nevertheless, it's exactly what it says on the tin, and is very fun to watch.

Pwotagowonist ez DOGe.

oy am nowo CAT.

Tem is HOwOMAN.

Nuwun ez saef.


PowoST ScwiPT: 


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Very fascinating premise. I don't see what is so perpelxing about the story, though. 


An artisan, The Coppersmith, one of seemingly few in the lands, uses a bastard form of haruspicy and blood magic to grant wishes to those who have the viscera to sacrifice and the honesty to please the Coppersmith. He does this to prolong his life, in an agreement with a deity taking the form of a giant crab draped in bloodsoaked rags (ornaments of the witchcraft, and the means to commission The Coppersmith) and most likely, to continue his craft of copperware smithing. His siblings, the Mason and Glassblower, also artisans, may use a similiar technique, but it is undisclosed. Upon reaching the shrine, hidden in the forest, an uncertain amount of time passes during The Coppersmith's meditation, and the fruits of his magic are bourn, to the detriment or gain of those marked by it, depending wholly on the viscera consumed. 

Seeing as The Red Strings club was a significant expansion of Zen, with it's own fully fleshed additions, I do hope we see this world again in some form or another, perhaps following the other artisans, or featuring more encounters, though the scarcity and pacing of which adds to the atmosphere astoundingly. Deconstructeam's use of media-res and predevolpment is one of it's strongest attributes, and it shines brightest here. 

Keep it up, guys. 

Mystifying work, as is par for Deconstructeam.