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What a beautiful game! Great story and to have the stag - a creature I feel a special connection with - show up makes this game even better! I wanted to do a one video full game let's play on it but my recording messed up so here is part one! I hope you enjoy!

By the way... Is there an option to get artwork from this game printed on a poster or whatever? I would love to have a piece of this hanging in my room!

I will forever hate you for creating this game. And love you equally for it! Great game! Great atmosphere and great AI (Did I use that correctly?). There were some glitches as you can see in the video, (e.g. me walking to the top of a tree) but besides that, great game!

Okay! First of all I want to say: GREAT GAME! It is a really good story and perfect for people who want to play a creepy game but are not into the jumpscare, loud noise, creepy ghost girl type of horror!

Second of all I want to ask you how this game came to be, because as I will explain in the video, I've had real life experiences that were almost identical to this game. Sometimes I got very creeped out and interested at the same time because moments in the story were so accurate and detailed to my personal experiences. Yes... I may seem like some lunatic but this is so very interesting to me because these experiences have been happening for years and I just found this game yesterday... So I would love to know your inspiration for the story!