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I'll be sure to check it out.

Looks radical, are you going to put buttons that do there job next to the name of the movement. (Ex: Move left ( <- ) and Right ( ->). Then jump would be ( [ Spacebar ] ). Or it shows what its set too.

I ment to put new scenery lol, my bad.

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New scenery LES GO!!! 


For real made a fnaf game, funny and scarry. 10/10

Very interesting. Great art style, nice scenery, epic character development. The only thing I caught my eye on was how fast paced it was. Other than that 10/10! I hope you continue the series >:D.

Thank you. ;)

I got stuck on a quest called "First Steps: Bring TC 1 bunny". Every time I tried it never did anything an TC kept saying I need 1 bunny that is following you.

Seems fun, can't wait till the update ;)

good to see that everything is still active. Other than my college eating my bank account lmao.

I love the animation, the color, the frames, always better than mine ._. oh well lmao. 10/10

A cool Idea (just an Idea) is when you get parried by the ant, things get slow or you get stunned for a somewhat time. To give it the "oh crap, I messed up" feeling. Somewhat to a super-armor feeling in smash bros.

Was that lore?!

Maybe I will try it out ;), if I'm not stupid and forget my variables and functions again ._.


Looks cool and seems hard to code, and you are using Godot right?

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6/30/2022 (If you need any tips or tricks comment ;) )

=-= My Rating =-=

This game is epic, I have never played a pixel game like this. It is a pretty good game and like they said it hast a lot of twists and turns. The artwork is pretty good and the combat system is also pretty good. I have not tried Cheats yet probably won't cause cheating isn't fun for me. I must say this is a pretty great game ;D.

Art/Animations: 9/10
Combat/Gameplay: 9/10
Story/Fun: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

=-= Things to note =-=
I've only played version v.019.05, so not all things are finished yet. Luckily this game is updated every month and update POSTS almost every week. Stuff like Mermaid princess is the most hardest thing for me because Idk how to stop Mermaid princess's wars. But I'm pretty sure I will find out.


I only experienced a few such as a Animation glitch and a egg hatch glitch.  Sometimes I did get stuck in a NPC and couldn't do anything but go back to my last save.

=-= Things I would do as a developer =-=

1. Maybe later in the game you can have a chance of finding an item that allows you to fast travel from place to place of the cost of something.

2. Make a variable of some sort to not let eggs hatch during dialogs.

3. Add a music affect when a character's health is low.

4. New weapons such as bows or slingshots.

=-= Final thoughts =-=

In the next update I will plan on joining your patreon if you have one or donating extra money to help benefit you guys. I am also a new developer and maybe I can learn some new stuff.

That looks SICK, might have to try it out soon.

Looks great :D can't wait to try it out

After playing the recent update I did notice some of the fixes but I still get enemies coming into my base or a Stone Arrow Garrison while the gate is closed. Maybe its due to the grass inside the base?


Hey Daggan I am talking about the current 1.0.1 update that was released. 10/10 :D, the new characters do bring more life into the story, more collectables too. Everything looks smoother and great art. Here are my current ratings in my opinion :D

=-= Ratings =-=
Art 10/10, Animations 9/10, Movement 9/10, Combat 8/10, Leveling for Player 9/10, Leveling for Ally 7/10, Boss Fights 10/10, Enemies 8/10, Buildings and Decoration 10/10, Everything Else 9/10. 

Overall gameplay was great :D the game right now is 10/10, but some things I did happen to catch while playing.

=-= Glitches or Bugs =-=
+ Camera clips through walls (not as much)
+ Enemies spawning inside the built base
+ Allies have trouble getting into garrisons
+ Allies inside garrisons can barely shoot arrows. (Hits the floor or something)
+ Allies stuck on top of walls after a garrison is destroyed

Only 5 I saw, great job :D I would probably have like 100 if I made a game. ._.

=-= Things I would add/edit =-=
(Do note just suggestions up to you not me, the game is awesome just some cool Ideas I thought about :D)
+ Add a jump animation.
+ Add a sprint bar.
+ Exp amount (on the bar maybe a number that shows like you have 10/100 exp to level up)
+ I would edit the map, I was thinking it could be an island on the ocean. I also thought of a cool idea I drew an image (below). I did think the walls were a little boring.
+ Add new weapons (Spears or Big shields <- my fav)
+ I would edit the shield that the player picks up and make it transparent, sometimes when I am aiming to look at something it gets in the way.
+ Edit or Add a way to become a slime character :O
+ More plants and Animals (maybe a way to make potions or cook food for bigger healing stats idk)
+ I would make it 10 Nights but longer days, and similar nights. (The 2h can still fit maybe if like each day/night is 10 min?)
+ Using the forge maybe a way to upgrade gear
+ Addon^^^ Add more materials for more type of upgrades.
+ Idk if its a glitch or something but I want to see my allies health it worries me when they start self healing ._.
+ Custom flag banners
+ Maybe try giving some of the characters around the map some defensive stuff at night. (they would go in their house at night or help fight)
+ Seeds or Saplings to grow more trees. 

Thats all I could think of, I love the new update :D I hope to see more in the future ;).

Thanks for the news I hope you won't have a many more errors I know how that feels especially as a new developer myself :O Good Luck

Sweet, this must take a lot of time I'll be sure to donate some money when the full update comes out :D

Game is great, one crash, but other than that I look forward to any future games or updates ;)

looks epic can't wait to try it

Looking nice, I like the new stuff. Keep up the good work ;)

Seems legit, that is a pretty cool idea, I mean never know when you get lost. Thanks for the update. Hope to see some more cool stuff in the future ;)

For sure :D

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Game is great so far. I like the way everything is built and the play style. I know its still being made but here are some things I encountered.

Sometimes I will see two of the same characters at a window, mostly the left one. If its a twin then my bad.

Idk if the One with the Top Hat is able to end the night because Top Hat kinda just stands near the window. (Not good at names sorry)

-Things that could be altered-
After I got use to it I saw that the some of the random sounds have meaning. I really liked the Sound of when something changed and I would check the light on the desk. 

Every other sound I heard was either someone moving to another room. The Sound where the appear in the window I thought was nice but could be more quite so its easier for them to capture you. I thought if they move to another room that is not the window, a sound should not play.

-Things that might be cool-

I like the window Idea but I think there might be another option. I had an Idea since I noticed there is just a long  hallway on both sides. WHAT IF, (just an if, its your game you decide) you could make them run/walk from the hallways to the door and if the door isn't closed by the time they make it than you kinda lose.

I Know that the vent is being made right now but I thought it would be more *scarier* if the vent was already opened. Or maybe that you can see more of the vent.

I'm guessing that every night you complete you get a point to spend on the future shop upcoming. Upgrades might be considered a suggestion but all up to you.

You are probably gonna add more tasks to each room but if not, I think it would be more challenging if there were more things to fix.

Other than that looks like a great game so far. If it gets an update soon I'll be sure to check it out. 5/5 stars for you ;).

version used

Arma: What the heck?
Kuji: *Bonk*

Got you homie first you need to pick up the little bastard from off the floor and use it on the door c6. That will get you further, the Little Bastard is a Tricorder.

New Level Idea.

Aquatic theme.
I thought it would be cool to have an Water level of some sort. The rest is up to you ;).

The game is well built and really good. Does have a couple 'bugs' get it? Its because there is a bug/glitch in the Cave level. ;)

The easiest method is using the "Anophrodisiac"

Every time you are under 10% libido then use the Expose button on the Hell hound. Let the animation finish, repeat and continue till you do it 8 times (Which is the heart). Try killing most if not all the Zombies first so its easier for you. (Recommend using Modes 'Casual' and 'Normal').

Thanks for the new update hope to see some more things in the future ;)

Everything you added looks great :D. I got some new recommendations >:D.

=-= Recommendations =-=
1) I like the "press 'f' to skip" function after the losing control to the enemy, I thought it could be smaller though like about 1/8 to 1/6 of the screen. :3
2) When ever you are grabbed/doing an animation of the enemy I would make stuff in front of it, like bushes, trees, signs or more go transparent. :D
3) When ever you are grabbed/doing an animation of an enemy you could change the Sheila's icon art of her resisting or maybe being hurt. Another thing you can do with it is make your heart crystal have some animation knowing how much it will damage you. (I would use a heartbeat timed animation ;) )
4) Rock or grass particles next to Sheila's feet while's running adds some cool effect ;).
5) Felt like the slime hitbox was a little big.
6) maybe edit the zoom during the Enemy grab/doing animation to show its the main point. (Basically saying it would be cool if the slime and sheila animation was in the middle of the screen.
7) The poison water could be moving/animated to give it effect. Extra add bubbles coming out of it.

=-= Bugs =-=
(Note did not see much so thats epic >:D)
1) When grabbed by the slime right before it falls off the ledge you and the slime go down but the camera doesn't follow. When you break free or skip you will teleport back to wherever the original grab point was.

Other than that I thought it was great ;)

Game looks great so far :D . I love the art style >:) . If you want some suggestions I got some and some are obvious. :3 I will donate soon, probably by next update :0. 

=-= Things I would add as a developer =-=
- Custom/Art for health bar
- Armor or Clothes for the character
- Healing items / Throwing Items / Different weapons / Spells (Not all but Just a thought)
- Music (Most obvious) / Sound effects ( Bro can u stop? NO! >:C. Fine)
- Moving Background. Explain: If you move further toward the end the background will move. Example: Since the first stage is like a forest area the background could move to the left while you progress through the level.
- Mini map
- Add more bound to animations
- Player Icon art
- Whenever she is grabbed by an enemy the border around the screen can have a transparent color or shape
- In settings make a FPS button

=-= Things I would edit =-=
- I like the slime so far, a good Idea I thought would be to make it transparent a little (see through), maybe a jump for it too. [ Looks good either way ;) ]
- Sheila is a little floaty, a good edit might be the gravity for Sheila :D
- Add grass around the bottom of the tree or something that shows its in the ground. >:3

Other than that its pretty good and has great potential. :D have fun 

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You are doing great Keep up the good work :D

Looks epic

This game is great. But I did happen to find some weird things about it.

=-= The Game =-=
The game-play is really good. The graphics, the framerate is better than decent. The movement and the characters are also great, also makes me look forward to the comics. I feel like the bounciness of the characters could use a little work.

=-= Glitches/bugs =-=
- For some reason every time I load a stage, my Video Resolution settings go right back to fullscreen and stuff.
- Characters are still freezing when you are knocked down.

=-= Overall =-=
I have not found anything much so far, but I really enjoy this game. I really hope this will move on to be a better game B).
- +1 Because the game is fun B)