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Trying to install DoodleStudio95_Unity_2019 by Import Package, drag-n-drop and by double clicking - nothing works. Project is brand new.

Also, all another versions of Doodle Studio(for another versions of Unity) gave me same errors.  

Any ideas? 

Update Wacom drivers helps! (Was: 6.3.20; Now:  6.3.30-2).
By the way, seems like the Mac version doesn't have "windows ink" option. As far, as I understand, the issue with it is Windows-related.
Thank you, this is a huge relief

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Gosh. You are right! It works properly without connected tablet! You think its problem with tablet/tablet settings?

UPD: for Unity version 2017.1.5f1
Just checked with another version. There is the same issue too, but slightly different which is weird.  

If I click on the particular frame with my touchpad(not tablet), frames won't change unit I draw one line and after that -- same behavior. 
However, with this, I at least can calmly draw one line, heh.
I upload another video with it:  google drive

Thank you for the quick reply! I'll try with another version and report how it was going. 

Anyway, thank you for such cool app 

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As the title says a frame is changing while moving a cursor in the drawing area. I suppose it's not okay since you can't calmly draw, frames are just changes if the cursor is on the same "vertical line". Also, I didn't notice similar behavior on your videos. I didn't push the "record" button(it's working properly). Shortcuts work ok as well, including "Next/Previous Frame". 
I recorded a video, where you can see it: google drive

Here, I didn't push any button, just moving a cursor or draw. 

Thank you!

OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.5
Unity version 2018.2.5f1
Drawing via Wacom Tablet (touchpad same behavior)
Package: DoodleStudio95_Unity_2017