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hey ... um hwo can i download this cuz I wanted to play offline

umm.. how do i get moree exp to unlock the slime change high
I already done everything that gave me exp but im stuck on lvl 5 ;v

how to download

which to download for android??

can i get a guide on the third spot for the school exhibitionism one

umm.. i need to ask
after i changed the appearance why cant i make a mark at the pub

oh okay so i can access her after the second dungeon right?

umm i need help to where is elyanna is pls kind community help me

can you please continue this this game is very fun and please just dont drop just come back after a year or two because this game is rare and uniqe 

never have i palyed a game so long as this

okay thanks!

can you release a downloadable version cuz it wont work
it said there is no valid adaptor