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q juegazo amigo, lo llevo esperando desde aquel final de pennygame 2 que nos marcó a los pennyfans en aquel lejano año 2020... es un juego que me produce una nostalgia que me recuerda a una época más inocente y sin preocupaciones, y finalmente el pennydev cumplió y nos dio lo que llevamos esperando. tal vez no sea pennygame 3, pero es mejor que nada u otro pennyhell.
hoy es un gran día, salió un juego de pennygame... pennyfans... celebremos con scores muy altos...

great game

Really cool and fun game, I've never though that I would ever see a danmaku game on the nes, that even runs runs really smooth!, congrats for that. My only complain would be the frequency you are required to tap the shot button to shoot unfocused, maybe I'm accustomed to arcade games where you are rapidly taping the shoot button, but I feel that if you tap a little bit fast your character goes focus mode, although you could get used to it I guess. Looking forward to this!

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really cool game, congrats. really looking forward to this

there's a bug I encountered that can kill tewi on dialogue, just shoot before touching the boss door and make sure your bullet is on screen, to achieve this you need to be a little far away from the boss door, then shoot and dash. if you do this the bullet will travel the next screen and kill the boss on dialogue

sorry if my english is not the best