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Thanks! Well you just rotate your mouse like you do in 3rd person games

Loved the art style and the use of post-processing effects! Well done.

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Thank you! Increase your dpi for better experience, sorry for the inconvenience.

interesting concept! guess there is a bug that increments the price without buying 

this was a bit unique! the camera movement was a bit nauseating tho

good game, couldnt pass level 2 tho lol.


technically its not narration but letters will appear on screen only for gameplay. so is that ok?

yea you cant move when you combine with the red blob, its not a bug.

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Unfortunately, there only two levels. Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for playing! I will take your thoughts into consideration :)

Thank you very much for playing! We will try to make them better :)

Thank you for playing. The bug has been noted and I will provide a fix soon.

Thank you, it was inspired by a scene from pirates of the caribbean.

the movement feels like im being teleported, the audio was a bit too loud and repetitive. loved the transition animation. good concept, can be improved.  

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Thank you very much for playing! Yeah i didn't have time to playtest thank you for reporting the bug.   I will fix it ASAP.

Loved the concept! Wish there was sound tho

Not all heroes wear capes :) Thank you.

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The controls are a bit too tight but it's a good game. good job.

Very neat! Liked the cute character!

That's a really interesting game! The story and sound design was awesome. It would be nice if we could go fullscreen in html ver or even if the size was increased a bit

Thank you very much for playing! We didn't have much time to do buttons, i know there were 10 days but the game was actually made in 3 days. We will keep updating :)

oh looks like i submitted through "submit a game" button and forgot that i clicked that button. lol. hope you like it :)

because the game didn't show up in the existing games menu. anyways here is the link:

oof. barely made it in time! its a bit buggy but playable. Hope you guys like it :)

Hey man you submitted .c3p. Submit a .exe