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I heard that love burns, but this is ridiculous!

Loving the game, dude. Fully completed the first season, and I on my way to fully 100% it!

P. S.: Just wish the tip about undoing your actions came a little bit sooner.

Glad to hear that!

Just watched it, thank you very much!

Glad you did!

Thank you very much! I think everyone agrees that letting the player learn a mechanic by themselves in a safe environment first, is the best approach.

Glad to see these details being noticed! After the voting is done, the game is going to receive a robust update, with more polish, and levels that are going to explore the main mechanic a bit further.

Much obliged! More work is definitely being put into it! And yeah, I'm still thinking about a way to make the gas state have some drawback, and your suggestion is interesting...

Much appreciated! More work is being put into the game, and more levels will definitely come!

I made some modifications, could you please try again?

Really? It doesn't open, or crashes?

Thanks! Yep, I'm definitely more of a programmer than an artist. After the voting is over, I'm planning on fleshing out the game more, that also means more levels!

Thanks! I'm planning on fleshing out the game more after the voting is over.