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really difficult.   Its a good concept that could use some much needed polishing.  the sprite work is really good, and the visuals are easily the best part.  It seems like if you press left for just a split second, or release right for just a little too long, you're pretty much doomed. I haven't been able to get past three segments for the P-Meter.  

tl;dr tweak the difficulty.  all you have to do is slow down the Chomp when it gets close enough, or maybe, as another comment suggested, add a practice mode, just to let players get familiar with the platforming.  I've lost one too many runs to a note block that didn't want to send me high up

I just don't get it

how? I can't figure it out

you can do it even sooner with just one softball upgrade

I sure hope I don't come across any low effort horror games on today...

Yeah,  Windows tends to do that quite a bit with games like this.  It's just a warning saying "Hey, this 'thing' you downloaded may have a virus",  it's just looking out for you


Incredible!  Truly!  I loved this demo beginning to end!  The gameplay is incredibly fun, and while the controls don't exactly translate well to keyboard,  I'd love to play this on Switch when it comes out.  

I may not have a GBA, but I'd love to get this game from the E Shop when it does come out.  The art style is great, and the dialogue is great too.  The puzzles aren't that easy, but you feel great when you figure it out

Please do make an option for keyboard,  I don't have a controller to use for my computer

Thank you, and no problem

Truly a great game. Let's give em a hand

Unfortunately, the first two games do not work

I have not tried out the first two,  I'll report back my findings

I'm running (or well attempting to) on a chromebook

It's not working for me.I'm running it on Chrome and yet, this error message pops up.

I watched the ManlyBadassHero video and decided to give this game a play


No second character?

ah yes. poppy playtime 2

I wish the pencil was more accurate. Its a few pixels off from where it actually is


ah, yes, I too enjoy the postal service

cry about it. we literally do not care. plus, no need to yell

what do you think of Splatoon 3?  

vroller? whats that

no, if it's intentional it's gotta make for some kind of interesting gameplay

oh noes what? is it that good of a kit?

yeah, you just gotta press enter when you get it

I can finally make my ideal kit

Ok. I'll have to try the game again with this in mind.

I'd like to say the game is good, however, the constant crashing really takes away from the experience.  I get it's a gamejam submission, but this isn't the best way to present a game. I do hope you can fix the issue asap, and maybe then I will do a fair review

Hi carl

the platforming is too hard. There's no indication of whether or not your above a platform, making the final section hell

if you think alt+f4 is gonna help you, well good luck!

now i see why everyone hates getting over it

it's good but theres no invincibility frames and the controls are super slippery, making it really hard to platform

alright, thats good to know.

is there something there? I feel like something wouldn't be there

The controls are really janky, and so are the physics.  Sonic is hard to control because his acceleration is off the charts, and he can't break monitors by jumping onto them.  The slopes have got to be the strangest thing out of all of this: if you arent going top speed, you will slide down that slope like it's made of ice