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Hey, interesting concept and it's funny how it pokes fun at the things we expected video games to have. It seems like you are learning and improving so keep up the good work. I made a short let's play below check it out!

Hey, nice game. I enjoyed it even though I'm not very good at games like this. I made a short let's play, check it below!

Hey I had a lot of fun playing, I had a small glitch at first where as soon as I picked a game mode it immediately said I failed. But once I reran it, it was okay. Check out my let's play below, thanks!

Fun game, but I had a lot of trouble with the second level. Check out my let's play below!

Fun concept, I had trouble with the one jump in the middle and with the boss fight. I think when it would turn around it would flip the entire tank, not just the main part of the tank. I couldn't beat it but check out my let's play below!

Really fun game, can't believe who I ended up with on my first attempt. The endings are so meta, loved it! Check out my let's play below.