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Solid game. One of the best Max Horror games!

GREAT GAME! Look forward to playing more from you!

Great Game! Watch the full game HERE!

Very cool game! Watch the full game here!

Dope game! Check out the only review that matters right here!

You got me with the jump scares lol.  Check out the FULL GAME here!

This game scared the piss outta me!  Check out the FULL GAME here!

This game is AWESOME! Emika Games is solid.  Watch the FULL GAME here!

Great game, really went with the video!  Check the video!

I'm SUPER pumped about this game and can't wait to check out other games from this dev!

Some spicy gameplay

Watch video for REAL opinion!

Great game, super CREEPY. Check out the video!

Amazing game! Needs more nudity. Check out the video lol.

Great game! Needs more nudity.

Fun game! See video for the facts.

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Great game, needs more nudity. Just kidding, perfect amount of nudity. Check out the video!!!

This game trolled me...and I loved it!

Check out the video for everything you need to know about this game.

Scariest game on the internet! Check out my experience!

Played it... needs more nudity.

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Such a fun and unique game. Needs more nudity. Watch the video!

Needs more gangster rap. Check out the video!

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Probably one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a while. Check out the video to see how much fun I had!

Neat little game. Check out the gameplay!

This game made me happy. Check out the gameplay!

Interesting concept. Had fun! Check out the sweet vid!

This game is amazing! Can't wait to see the full version. Check it out!

This game goes from 0-100 real quick lol. CHECK IT OUT

Really unique game. Very beautiful and haunting. Check out the video!

What an interesting concept. Could be neat to expand on the idea. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

A unique game.  Visually, beautiful.  Scary.  Check out my reaction!

I played the demo which sold me. I bought the game and was not disappointed! Check it out!

This game is awesome! It's beautiful and scary as hell. Check it out.

Something about this monster is   very spooky! Check out the video!

Very cool game. Short but it will make you feel good.  Here's the video!

What a wild ride! Check out my review!

Such a fun game.  Check out my playthrough!