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Sooo, we are actually preparing a Web - Single player version that illustrates better the idea of the game. 

And! We are working also on a version where anybody can setup to stream on your own channel. So sorry for that, but we didn't manage to get everything done within the time available :(

Thanks, man!


Omg! Thanks for the donation!
About the documentation: I started some drafts and its coming out slowly, I apologize for that but I am currently working full-time and involved in a couple of other projects. Stay tuned! 

I am also gathering more feedback about the project architecture and improvements! Feel free to contact me with suggestions! 


The tool definitely has a lack of documentation at the moment, I haven't invested much time writing tutorials and making more exemples teaching how to integrate it into a real project.  And this is one of the reasons that's its free. I will do it in the future, however. I just didn't know where to touch because of the lack of feedback.

I have integrated the tool into a couple of projects, this is one of them, you can use as reference:

Also, keep in mind:

  1. You have to extend/modify the card interfaces to process data from your own game. This is probably a runtime object that represents a card in your game model and  holds all the information/state of a single card.
  2. You need to write a wrapper to bind the hand interfaces and your game rules. It acts as a controller where you have a player reference and its hand. With that, the UI can react to events or changes in your game model and receive the data from the item 1 and move it to each UI card component to do the processing.

Regarding the amount of inheritance and delegation used, could you be a bit more specific where did you find too much? I am aware of the use of the sub class sandbox in the project, but most of the time is the following: Interface -> BaseClass -> Concrete classes

It would be amazingly helpful if you could send me an email pointing out problems in the implementation, suggestions to improve or maybe a even better solution. I am looking for to improve the usability of the tool, I just need more information where to touch :)

This is my email:

Anyways, really thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it very much.

Sure, I realize it later when I scrolled down and checked the game description. My bad.
The only problem was the platforms, I was getting stuck all the time :(

My Z key works to go inside the first stage, however I cannot hit any of the 4 foes inside of it. There is no attack animation too.

Hi, thanks for the amazing art, I made a game and I used some of these assets.

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Just one thing, please, add "W" and "arrow up" as a jump key too. I really liked the art of the game

Oh!! That's a really fun game!