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Well, umm I know that this game may not be the best but umm, please get it. It'll be worth it. It's still a work in progress but it'll be finished soon.

Hey LouisGoldean-2, please give me your email so that we can work together. I think the cliche should be:  All in a days work.

Sorry I don't have discord but we can use email.


Oh no, that’s a different twitter account. I don’t have twitter. I’m really sorry.

Oh well that’s unfortunate. Sorry.

Thicc Square community · Created a new topic Thicc Square

This is Thicc Square. A Square that travels many places. Join him on his journey to discover new places. Have a fun time doing puzzles, and much more. Tell me if there are things you want me to add to the game.

Well, of course you can join!!!

I am too, so don’t worry

Do you have an email? I’ll send you mine so that we can communicate in the game jam.


I can only do 2d games as well. Lets do it! You're all invited to the team

Are we allowed to use a game we already created and submit it, or do we have to create a new one?

Sure! Can we be a team?

If you do then I can help. I have made a couple games so far in unity

Do you use unity?

Btw are you milk gang like dani?

I can help you program in the Game Off

Help with what?

Hey, I'm looking for a team too. Do you think I can join?

I love this game! Really fun and great quality! 10/10 gameplay!

Game Off 2022 community · Created a new topic Game Off Help

I'm planning to join the Game Off and I need some help with some fellow programmers. Would you like to help?