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Hi, did you already see Amulet, is a lua game framework, with support to the web

Oh, I understand, what about Defold, isn't a framework(is a engine), but uses Lua

I think you should use Love2d, since you are used to it

Really cool idea. Please continue 


Hi,I really like the game and I see in the credits that you use aseprite and LuaJIT, so you build you own engine/framework?

thanks! :P

Really like the game, can I know in what engine/framework it was build(sorry my english Iam not native


Yes, I will try run this game in explore/Edge, Iam not in my computer now, :P

Yes, I will try run this game in explore/Edge, Iam not in my computer now, :P

When I run the game appears this error


player.lua:85: bad argument #2 to 'draw' (Quad expected,

 got nil)


(tal cat)?

(tail cat)?

Its a small map, but I stayed a long time there.

So, i tried mac and I run the .love file and it worked out, thanks for the reply :D

Olá, eu tenho um computador 64 bit Windows e quando eu tenho executar o arquivo .exe não abre o jogo :( não sei se tem um problema com o meu computador ou se é um bug.

Hello, for some reason dont works in my windowns 10 ;-;

thanks :P

Oh.. Hi, I know this question may sound bad, but I really liked this game and I wanted to know how you learned the programmer in love2d

This is a really good game i really like it

If is made with  Unity why have LOVE tag

So hard


epic game !

Great game!