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Thankyou for playing!

Siap, makasih saran Dan support ya bang🙏

Nanti versi selanjutnya kita umumin di ig kita

thankyou so much for playing!🙏


Hey !, Thank you for playing our little games ! We're appreciated it a lot. And also thank you for the feedback ! ^^

Thank you ! ^^

Thanks for the feedback ! ^^

Thank you so much !, Actually you can buy a healing item at the top left shop 😊🙏

Thank you so much for loving our game! ^^

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hi, thanks for playing and the feedback !, The top right shop right now is just only selling bread. We rush it because of the deadline hehehe...

Hi, Thank you so much for playing !, And thank you for your feedback !. We're really appreciated it 😊🙏


thankyou so much!!😊



Thank you ! 😊🙏

Thank you !

Makasih bang 🙏

hehehe... Makasih bang 😊🙏

makasih bang 😊🙏, klo illust + Ui kita pake Paint.NET, klo sprite dan animasi kita pke Aseprite.

Ok bang noted 👍, terimakasih saran-nya 😊🙏

makasih bang🙏

Thank you so much !

Thanks for your feedback !, We didn't manage to fix it because of the 5 days Gamejam deadline, sorry for your inconvenience🙏

Thankyou so much!, And thankyou for the feedback!

thank you so much!!!

Siap bro 👍👍👍

Siap bro versi demonya lagi di kerjain :D

Sorry bro, gak ada 🙏

Nanti kita tambahin di versi yg baru 👍

Thanks ! 😊

Thanks 😊👍

Hi unrated, thank you so much for your feedback.

 Since this game was our first released project and made for a game jam, where we only given 3 weeks to finish the game. we agree that the game is lacking of content, we'll definitely add more & more content soon mybe in the demo :D.

thank u, your feed back will give us a lot support, we will try harder to do our best!

Sorry for bad english :D

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Thanks for the input 😊

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thank you🙏

Thanks 😊

thanks for playing ! 😊🙏

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Lol, i'll change it later

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Thank you 😊

thanks for playing the game 🙏😊.