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I love chasing her insteadXD

Even if I can get money, I will never visit this house in realXD

I really enjoyed your game from the start to the endXD I can't forget Melissa's expression when she watched it through the window😂

Rough English sub addedXD I think it is a good game because many viewers told me so by their likes♥️We are looking forward to playing your next game!

I enjoyed your game with my friendXD It was a little bit difficult to pass Day1 at first, but once I know how to escape from the monster, it became easier and I really enjoyed Day2, Day3 and pretty storiesXD Thank you so much! English sub will be added in a few days, just for your reference. Hope you enjoy my feedback!

It was really creepy. .If I were in the same situation with hers, I can't stand it!

It was like an old horror movie, and I enjoyed itXD Thank you so much!

Got all endings finallyXD It was really good and every ending was like a happy ending for me somehow, had mysterious atmosphere and made me cry😂 They were amazing indeeed!!

I finally got an ending and really want to know how people in my country feel about this great work! Plus, I can't believe there are 7 more unique endings. It really surprised me in many waysXD

It was an amazing work!! I reall love your game. I seldom play games with long stories(like longer than 20 minutes) But I really want everyone to know how great this work is~!!I became one of your fansXD

Haha! I enjoyed your gameXD I wish if I also could enjoy a party like this, of course without infection and vomiting 😂Those hands were creepy😂

It was so scary, especially the time to enter the store after getting off the truck!!Thank you for a creepy experience! 

Hi, thank you for your creepy game! I enjoyed the story and felt scary imagining what if this case happened in my wedding day. The uncanny atmosphere is my likes and the graphics between the games are beautiful. 

I enjoyed your short horror game, the ending was unexpected but it makes sense! Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed your game and always screamed like crazy XDHAHAHA

I really enjoyed your game literally from the corner to the cornerXD This is an amazing work and I really love every lines that lady talked!It makes sense. Thank you so much!

8 min later, my feedback will be started. Please see if you are interested!

I finally finished my video I reached the ending(*^^*)Thank you so much!

Hi, Niven! I enjoyed your new game today and I wonder why I didn't notice your great work~Everytime I play your game, I feel unsettling and so scaredXD Thank you for your wonderful work everytime!

Well, yeah. .This fan game was free before. Though it was fun😂

It was soo scary experience. Thank you so much! I really love PT-like games. I wanted to play your game again and again,  but the third time I tried, I couldn't use light anymore and I got a second gun somehow😂

I enjoyed both the latest one and the one before updating! It was so interesting to see how they are different. The latest one looks nicer because I really was looking foward to seeing what was like inside the building XD

P.s. I found a bug of a wood near a campsite in the latest game, please check it on my video if you need! Anyway it was an amazing game! Thank you so much!!

I bought it and noticed the latest version XD I hope you are fine now!

She gives us a special portion~if not, maybe a bug?

Dried one~!

I am really enjoying your game and love you sooo much~♥️

The same~! I love Ichigo who is always with me~! He is sooo cute, righhhhht?

I really love your game and will never forgotten ”LEAVE ME ALONE”!

Hahahaha...It made me crazy😂

I enjoyed your game~! It was so creepy😂

I found a bug of the can sound  on the bed😂

I really enjoyed your game with my listeners on streaming and finally got all endings~! Thank you soo much! !!Please don't watch my video before you play, it contains spoilers!!

I love this little girl and enjoyed many expressions on her faceXD 

I love it so much! Got 3 endings~but maybe more endings? I hope everyone enjoy many possibilities of this gameXD

Oh, this new one looks more updated and I love secret endings and a new bending machine~!

Haha! It took me one minute and I felt funny somehowXD Thanks!

I noticed your new game now~;;This was also awesome and I like it!

I love your game and wonder what happened to the protagonist in the past~! Looking forward to a full game! 

HahaXD I enjoyed your game and cute Japanese voices!

Haha! I like it so muchXD