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It was so crazy scary for me and dizzy in the end of my game, don't  know why...

Cute game! I enjoyed your maze game! I just imagined  what if this world is a heaven after our hamsters death and made this video for the person who lost his hamster. He really loves this hamster! Actually  I love his running way, it is so cute. Thank you so much!


I really enjoyed this edition got a good ending and many dead endingsXD Added her Japapnese subtitles!

First time to play this game. . I really love it! Thank you!!

Cool, I'm afraid my clown might be a little different from others. .Spooky but a little cute. .
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I like your character! How amazing you did all by yourself, although it is a prototype!

So cute game! He is saying Pikachu forever!

I also thought it wasn't like the same game while playing in ending3. I felt sick because it was too scary for meXD

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What made me surprised the most is that this is your first game you made! Congrats! It was a great game and I really enjoyed it! Thank you very much! ED1➡️7:30、ED2➡️8:30、ED3➡️13:30

Very pretty and creepy game! I love itXD Thanks!

Oh! Thank you for telling me the hints! I have never thought it was the shortest and GOOD ending because I have already hurt him without my notice while just I kept saying yesyesyesXD I will tell my friends there are more endings and give it a try, and I will try and enjoy your game again! Thank you very much!

I made a video with English sub and music!

I love this game! So cute and so sad story made me drop tears(TへT)1 min movie I made..

This is my first indies game that I thought I want to know what happen next every seconds..It was so amazing great story and the conversation between people in the city and her also reminds me of many different types of people in a real world.  Thank you for making this game. It was so wonderful! I love it

A very cute and creepy game! I like the last endingXD I wonder where the useless...

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I reached a true ending finally! Added English/Japanese subtitles!It was a really great game and I enjoyed it very much! Those TVs were too cute..XD

Then, you can pick up a video next to the TV and put it to the place we usually insert a video under the screen of TV and this time, you can enjoy walking around the room looking for other videos:D Have an enjoy! If you can't find the other videos in the room, you can check it on someone's  youtubeXD

Did you put a video next to  TV? Using Windows?

Added Japanese and English subtitlesXD

I thought if you start this game at 01:14 in real time, you need to wait for one minuteXD

While I was looking for funny Japanese games, I found your game and made a feedback video from an aspect of Japanese game playerXD It will start 4 minutes later! I am also looking forward to Ep2! Hope to see you soon^^

Hi, it was so interesting gameXD I enjoyed Japanese in your game and deciphered them and added Eng subXD Haha! Thank you!

Thank you for your message, Mr. GiantChicken! As you say, it gave me back really scary but splendid feelings! Definitely super very good game it wasXD I want to recommend it to whomever loves horror games!

Accidentally I found your game yesterday and I was so impressed by your great game. Thank you very much! I translated it into Japanese and it will start 4 minutes 30 seconds later!

Hi, Yacchu here! Made a video for this game you told me yesterdayXD I enjoyed it as well as shawqi! Thank you!!

Love this story, easy for everyone to understand what is that guy and what meas the sign on the wall and messages in the beginningXD Great work!
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5 min later, your game will start! I love this creepy atmosphere and have trauma against shawqiXD Wish more scary endings!

made a short movie!

Awesome game!He is a good collectorXD Made a short video!

Thank you for your game! I love the man from the sky and the enemy! It was so funXD


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It love this game and a guy on the phoneXD Added Japanese


Sooo funny! I really love it! I will upload my video later^^

I love those charactersXD

Thank you for your great work!5 star!I found the way without getting hurt by Micheal, it will start from 11:20! Please enjoy my video if you have timeXD

Thank you for your game! I know we need the butcher to eat meat but in this game, so scary although his face is prettyXD

Thank you for your great work! It was so exotic atmosphere for me! Спасибо!

Hi, Yacchu againXD Finally, I uploaded the video with English subtitles! Hope you enjoy it!