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ok. just to be secure

did you really recieve $100 dollar

but what can you do with gold

this is really good

hey guys who are playing this there are wrap arounds in this game lookout for them

i knew it has to be htmlifier

i did this game in 2 hours

2 years is all my games made dev time

man I love this game I will definitely Vote for this one

yes i agree with that

Guys play my other games

I will try to make another game that you like

do you have a discord or a slack account

Thank you very much. But I use scratch to make games. these are for unity

Thank you very much

If You Need Red Colour Game Over Send Me Your E-Mail. 

I will send you an HTML file press it

Your Friend, Yasith Perera

i know a bit of code

i mean a lot

Yasithp212 Username

only code no art

can i team up

have A discord

i use scratch besides you

hello my submission is here

Hello Stop The Bugs Please

Wow Good game