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yasin mozaffari

A member registered Dec 22, 2016

Recent community posts

it lag in my pc

which zip is better

thank you i love the game

dose it lag on my pc my mermory is 2 gb ram


you know why i ask about the blockheads because i love the game on my mobile and i want to play on pc too

ok bro i waiting

for the game

i love your game

ok bro

hey dude jni do you know blockheads can you make a game like that please

i waiting for the full version

when the full version will come

can you update the game and make it grap with e its easrer to grab with e and can you make the game that we can also rider horse and elphante please

can we take two wepone


can we use the sige wepones?

how to get sige wepones

when i see the game i cry when i play it please make this game for free the full version game please

please make this game free please

i waish one day i play it

this game lokks cool i am downloading it

i love this game

can i know when beta 6 is comeing can you tell me the time

i think if you add graple hook it will be nice

you graple hook your self to the hilicopter

can you add jet and graple hook