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It's good that you can

Both formats work for different people, I'm a weeb though so I'm used to VN stuff.

New layout is good with all the characters.

I liked the combat in this, having it be more than just rng is really nice for a gba type game.

Shame that we couldn't take home any loot.

Not bad, has the characteristic rhyming.

Nicely animated and voice acted too, seems like it could be a decent adventure game.

The puzzle actually made sense too which is a nice change to the regular adventure formula

Unity has improved in the years since it came out too, menu ran hotter on my gpu than the actual game though for whatever reason but not too hot or anything, just always check.

It's come a long way since the first few demos, getting that sheen of professionalism, svelte and proper.

Ah nice! I've been busy but I'll try to get to it in a few days.

lol appropriate with the skeleton

Ah nice, I should be able to play this one sooner because my time management has gotten a bit better.

Looking forward to it.

Honestly it's a bit of both, and sometimes a lot of both.

Clocks go for daylight savings next month at least so that should make it a little easier.

That's the truth, hate losing so much time.

Sorry it took so long to get to it, really let time slip me by.

Been a month so I probably left it too late, everything got on top of me sadly so had to push it back a lot, thought it'd be longer, so sorry about that.

It's a simple story but a good one if you ask me, hard to judge some of the characters though most are guilty of one or another things in their own way.

Which I believe is the point.

Thanks for a thought experiment like this, guess it'd probably tell you a lot about a person.

Don't read passed here in case of spoilers

The Married man I think is mostly innocent, only responding to the situations happening to him.

I'd say the Secretary is next, her hands were tied, purely guilt by inaction.

The Radical is next, planning bad things for the good of others but also committing bad acts for only his own good.

I'd put the Wife next, she betrayed her husband, even if for a good reason(which I'd argue prolonging the husbands pain wasn't a good reason, depending on when the cure would have been released of course) and betrayal like that is a grievous sin.

The Warden more for mismanagement of the facility more than anything leading to so many deaths, also for accepting the deal of the Wife.

The Surgeon put himself and his wife first over everyone, partly noble, but at the cost of many many more, a whole city at least, and for causing the problems during the events of the game, depending on timeframes.

Mortimer also got a big job this time, wonder how the boss trusted him with it. lol

Will do, glad to see new stuff.

A little busy today so sorry if it's a day or 2 before I get to it but I'll try.

I'll download and see, will try to keep you updated when I play.

Original comment was 50 days ago lol long time already.

Sorry I'm late getting back to this, played some more of the chess but am still stuck, chess really isn't my game apparently.

Make it as perfect as you want to though, the most important person in all this is you the creator after all.

Finally have some time today as long as my time management goes well, maybe I'll be able to figure out the chess finally.

Interesting to see in to the mind of a dev to see how they work, and great to see you thinking of as many ways to work on a project as you can, did the strategies develop as you made the games or did you start out with the how and implemented it?

I'm on the other hand sorry to hear that it's personal and at least partly real, that said if it helps you then tell any story you wish, new or not, whether the audience likes it or not doesn't mean that there was not something created or feelings expressed, helping just 1 person, even if that's yourself, is better than being liked by 1000 in my opinion.

And as it is it can be liked by 1000, or more, if they see it by not just the story but the way it's presented, in the same way that a story told in dull monotone can pale in comparison to the same story told with the characters and narrator properly voiced.

So don't discount your own vision and story just because it might have happened or been written before, but please do what's best for you.

I hope that made sense, I'm not the best writer.

Hopefully I'll catch up soon, but you know how it is, one slip up, sleep too long and you have another 2 days of catching up to do.

Good that it's being worked on so much though, hopefully that'll be in it's favour for this competition. 

The visuals on it are nice.

Still haven't found time, been sleeping too much so getting swamped with stuff. ;_;

(1 edit)

I've not found time to try some more so that'd be a lot of help lol

When I get to it at least

Thank you for the hard work

I'll find some time to figure it out soon, never been a chess guy myself.

Still a bit hard for me to figure out so I'll try more later, got some stuff to do now.

Protag asks doctor how to win, wonder if that was the game all along.

I'll try it out now then

Ah the chess calculator gave me a checkmate if I moved the king like I did then moved the rook forward and then right to the side but cause the pieces didn't move I figured I'd done it wrong for the second move and then he shook his head on the third so I dunno, I'll try it in a bit.

Got through I don't know how much of it but got stuck on the chess game cause I'm massive dumb dumb, and being smart massive dumb dumb by using a chess calculator to figure out what to do didn't help lol

Moved king to take bishop and then can't do anything else

How absurd is Felix to think he's in a game though, I mean he's not got spiky hair and a massive sword how could he be the protag?

Will do

No harm to underworking sometimes lol

Will do, looking forward to it, hope you didn't overwork yourself.

Well I'm not a critic so I don't have the language skills for a proper explanation but I like the writing and the art, at least so far in the games of yours(and ones you've worked on) that I've played.

Originally of course I was here for Alice because I had only played the full VN which didn't have the route I wanted, and your one gave me what I wanted, best girl with a nice story.

And so I checked out this reaper one when it came out for more good stuff, and I liked it and here we are.

If we're talking specific things about the vns it's always story that's most important and the ones I've played have had great stories, I love art, most people do but I don't think beautiful art is as important as the writing(and in a meta sense the programming) of a vn, far more enjoyment reading a good book than a picture set on pixiv, you know? they go together of course so you hope for the best of both worlds but you can live without one but not the other.

So basically I'm a fan because you make good things, sorry if this is all not a good enough answer though.

I'll send it to anyone that I think will like it.

Halloween isn't far off so don't overwork yourself.