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Here's an honest review, This game is pretty awesome, I love every level even if it's too short

Some points and ideas I would like to hint out though:

- The character speed is kind of slow while the running is sonic fast, the controls are stiff, like these old NES games when you feel that if you pushed the button harder the character will start moving, My pinky finger was always on the left-shift to run
- WASD isn't really necessary when the game doesn't use the mouse at all, I changed the input map from the launcher which took a bit of time to understand the sheer amount of Vertical (+) Horizontal (-) which repeat constantly, I was able to determine which one does what
- Those mushroom enemies that run towards you, they can force you to restart levels if the edge of the platform is blocked by them, It'd be nice if they are programmed to run back to their respawn point if you're not on the platform

- The music loop is too short, I know it's hard to create even a 20 seconds piece of music, but ya know, Sometimes it gets annoying

- I saw a "Gear" icon on the starting screen in which I thought was settings, After starting "level 2" I wanted to mute the sound, but I noticed that there are no other gear icons, not inside the level and not when you click escape, so I returned to the Level Selection, Still no Gear/Settings icon and there is no way to get to the starting screen from there, I closed the game and opened it again only to discover that the gear icon on the start screen is just the game's story XD, I ended up muting the game from Windows Volume Mixer

- There is no point in collecting coins or stomping enemies to increase score if there is no scoreboard, Score resets with every death too

- The game is cool and shows much promise <3

loved your game :)
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I really enjoyed the game, even tho it's short but the music is a banger!

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Okay so I didn't know this game was here, I just claimed the beta key from Alienware and I'm stuck at those frog shaped portals at the beginning, Once you click "That's it for now" the nightmare master never appears or gives you information at that part again no matter how many times you start a new game XD
Can anyone please tell me what to do ?