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Is a February release still on the table?? >.>

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Alright! I'm pumped! Thanks for the update. Get it on the Switch, you guys deserve it!

Is this game still in development?

love the space funeral influence

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I enjoyed how the graphics gradually improved throughout the game. At first, I kind of wondered why one would charge players 10 dollars to play a game with such seemingly low effort and unimpressive visuals, but was pleasantly surprised by the 3D pixel effect. That was very unique and cool. My one real complaint about the game so far is that the NPC's do tend to ramble. Like, a lot. I don't think there need to be paragraphs upon paragraphs of dialogue for every NPC, especially when most of what they say is redundant; basically saying the same thing over and over with different wording. That got tedious and frustrating after a while. Either way, at the end of the day this game was  refreshing and different.

this is still one of very few good projects on this website, in my opinion. keep up the good work. i'd gladly pay for the full game, personally.

The irony in practicing capitalism by selling a game you created promoting communism (or "democratic socialism", as you put it)

Man, this was so cool! Wish it was longer. The gameplay and graphics reminded me so much of the old sega Beavis & Butthead game

Very rarely do I find a game that is as refreshing, original and interesting as this one. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I hope to see more in the near future.