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Is there any details on when a possible release date is? I love all your games so exited to see more of your work!

is this game still being developed or is it the full content?

I usually love games with a little more spice to it but this is just precious and your work amazing as always!

deleted old comment caused the answer was found in the comments below. Looking forward to trying this game out again I loved it the first time I went through it!

O heck yes if this game as awesome as the others I definitely supporting it!

I tried to upload the image not sure why it isnt working but when you sit with rexillator the voice actor says 280 years while the screen showed 240.

Not sure if this was pointed out this is my first play through of the game just bought it today!

I am so excited for this game i cant wait. Just placed my pre order for it. I dont normally trust pre orders but I know you guys and I am also in your discord so I know its worth the wait. Been replaying My Burning Heart lately :3.

I dont know much but the original creator has been very sick and the game was going to be taken over by Y games. Sadly idk if either group has kept this updated or been keeping track of the game. I actually was super exited to pre order it until i noticed how long its been since updates or interactions.

Eeeeek! Now I cant wait for it to be done!

What will the game rating be when production is done? Will it be spicy like your previous games? I also so love your games and work they always amazing to play.

What is the age rating for this game? Are there naughty scenes for the dates?

I tried that but i didnt buy the game on steam i got it on here and dont have a steam code for it and dont feel like buying the game twice

buy me a coffee is not working for me at all is there any other way to get the cheat map