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   What can I say the writing for this was really interesting & quickly drew me into the story. The way the characters interacted with each other was very well done. I found myself utterly stunned by the plot twists at the end. I also enjoyed the art style esp. for TJ. 

   TJ is my fav. character because I really relate to the struggles he goes through. I have been in several relationships where I ended up being physically & emotionally abused. Unfortunately one of them was a close relative who also tried to kill me a few times. Strangely instead of being depressed by the story I found it to be intriguing & somewhat therapeutic. 

   More people need to go about presenting abuse the way it is done in your plot with an intimate representation of the emotions & reasons behind the abusive behavior. I especially liked the parts where the stress of what happened in the past makes Chase go completely insane causing him to see strange versions of himself in the mirror & hearing a voice in his head urging him to do things. Overall I enjoyed this VN a lot & am looking forward to your other works as this is the 1st. one I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

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It is always exciting for me to see that you have released 1 or 2 new games every time I check back with Itch! I love all your games so far & have been following you since Hexed Pet Hamster was in development. Your games are the ones I go to 1st. whenever I don't feel like playing NSFW because they are well written, have great artwork, & music as well. I am looking forward to this VN after I play Mixed feelings which I just bought cause I like to only play one VN at a time. Have a great week & may your creative juices never stop flowing...

Wow what an interesting story didn't realize it was a demo when I played it. I really hope you finish it 'cause I will definitely buy it! It was really sad & made me think about how large corporations sometimes take advantage of & mistreat their employees. I found the idea of cutting up & selling a unique & beautiful species for food to be horrible. Looking forward to seeing how the story continues & if Nero ever makes it to the Ocean.

To answer the 4 questions stated in the VN's description:  

1.  I really enjoyed it especially the tension & mystery written into the plot.  I was filled with anxiety throughout many parts & that was very thrilling.  The writing was also very deep in parts. It made me think about things like what it would be like to be in the MC'c situation & have amnesia while wondering if I'm a criminal or not...

2.  The characters are very interesting & their motivations are often unclear which adds to the enjoyment I experienced while playing. I also like the backgrounds & artwork a lot esp. the character sprites.  

3.  For improvement I would like some choices that I can make towards action in the plot that affects the direction it goes in. Since this is a VN I was confused because it was all text & no choices.  Possibly I missed something stating it would have no choices?!

4.  When it suddenly ended I didn't know it was only the 1st part & was upset that I never found out the MC's real name.  So I am really looking forward to the next phase! 

I would also like to mention that I liked the music box feature & feel the songs matched the mood of the plot very well.  Keep up the great work... 

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OMG what can I say I listened to the Theme music before I started the demo & loved it. I not usually a music person; however; I now really want to buy the soundtrack if you will be offering one. I finished the extended demo & it has to be the absolute best BL VN I've ever played: the plot is top notch, the artwork was so beautiful (I plan on making a lot of wallpapers), & the composer, Efe Tozan, is very talented. I can't wait for the finished game. I want to know what the final price is or does it stay "name your own price" since I also saw it on Steam? I'd be willing to pay at least $20.00 for the wonderful experience of playing the whole game. 

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May Sally recover swiftly & have a full & rewarding life! Waiting patiently for continued work on this awesome project...