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That was insane!

Though final level shocked me (and I failed)😱 But it is also good!

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I love the game design!

The collision of jumping vertically on the edge of a platfom can be adjusted for better experience, that’s all! Thank you!

Got a score of 21430, I’m not so good at tower defense.

But the design is very cool!

Brilliant design with interesting puzzles! I’ve played all of episodes in trilogy! Thank you for giving us these wonderful works!

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So good Nice game!! Though title music reminds me of touhou themes ha ;-)

btw, is there any key to make a in-game snapshot? And where it will be released on finally? <3

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Hello,I'd like to play the game on Windows 10 but spread out "Corrupted images" error with "irrKlang.dll is didn't defined to run on Windows" and Error Statu Code 0xc000012f, any solution to get with it?

Seems irrKlang.dll is not provided together, I solve it by downloading from the offical site.