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Music was so great!

can you repost the discord link? its expired

Wow really nice game! I liked the way how everything was white and messy and we had to find the required object really quick.

Got the perfect score and really awesome game btw!

So much fun for me! Awesome game!

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Wow this was really cool with such a well puzzle! I got ending 2 though where the witch possesses me and stuff.


Wow the game was so nice! I am amazed by the aesthetic design and the neat gameplay of this game! I personally haven't experienced such a nice game on itch not gonna lie. Now I will try the dev's other games as well coz I am really impressed. :)

Nice game! It has a good story too with a Gameboy type  appearance which looks really cool. A question for the dev - Which game engine/library did you use?

This game is really nice! The graphics look beautiful and the limitations to the buttons and everything makes u feel like you are playing on an actual Commodore64.

Awesome game and also pls tell me what game engine/library you used??

wtf bro! 128 gb ram!

is it just me or this game looking kindaa THICCC

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This game is really nice. Especially because the animations and smoothness are so amazing. Making a nice 2D game in this age is really challenging and this one really won my heart.