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Hi QbieShay, thanks for sharing your excellent work! What license are you distributing your VFX Kit addon and your VFX projects under? A license file added to the zip files would be greatly appreciated :) 

Hiya. Thanks for updating this excellent pack, the textures on the cliff walls line up perfectly now!

You may want to check the normals on all the models. I found at least one that had them reversed - Cave_Cliff_Terrain_Entrance_Round_Base.obj

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback :) You are spot on, the numbers don't encourage fun game play. I will remember how important this is for the next time.

Thank you very much :)

Now with no time limit I can make a new bigger map with different elevations and what not :) I just noticed I missed putting a rock column on one of the doorways and its the one showing on the title screen lol. It's been staring at me this whole time...oh well. 

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback, much appreciated :)

An open source version is a possibility, if there is enough interest and probably after Godot v3.1 is released. I definitely want to do an update on this game with Godot v3.1. It will have the new input axis system and hopefully viewport sprites are completely fixed so I can implement better lighting in game.