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A member registered Feb 05, 2022

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I like it! Would happily play many more levels.

Very nice! Look forward to more games. :)

Good mechanic & nicely challenging on the later levels! (I'm currently stuck on 10.)

Good game with some nicely tricky levels. I finally got 13 and 15 but 14 continues to elude me.

Nice! Would be happy to play more levels.

Thank you for having a level select! Always appreciated. (Though I couldn't figure out how to get to it without refreshing the page to start over.) I made it to level 3, but couldn't figure out 4-7.  I'll try again but it's definitely a challenging dynamic.

Cute doggo! Nice sokoban-ish twist.

Fun game!


Very sweet and silly.

<3 to you!

Satisfying puzzles and fun graphics. Thanks!

Very nice game & graphics! That last level is killer, tho.

Nice! This one is more challenging, but I like both versions.

Excellent game! Though I agree that level 10 (and a few other levels) seem impossible. I'll put it aside for a bit and try again.