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Ha! I was trying to think too many moves ahead and solve a problem that didn't need to be solved. Now onward to be stumped by another level!

I'm really liking this! I'm stuck as all get out on (I think) 3061. Not sure if there's a new rule I haven't discovered or I'm just not advanced enough for the 31st century.

I like it! Would happily play many more levels.

Very nice! Look forward to more games. :)

Good mechanic & nicely challenging on the later levels! (I'm currently stuck on 10.)

Good game with some nicely tricky levels. I finally got 13 and 15 but 14 continues to elude me.

Nice! Would be happy to play more levels.

Thank you for having a level select! Always appreciated. (Though I couldn't figure out how to get to it without refreshing the page to start over.) I made it to level 3, but couldn't figure out 4-7.  I'll try again but it's definitely a challenging dynamic.

Cute doggo! Nice sokoban-ish twist.

Fun game!


Very sweet and silly.

<3 to you!

Satisfying puzzles and fun graphics. Thanks!

Very nice game & graphics! That last level is killer, tho.

Nice! This one is more challenging, but I like both versions.

Excellent game! Though I agree that level 10 (and a few other levels) seem impossible. I'll put it aside for a bit and try again.