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be sure your tool tracking is working on visualizer. LEAP software 2.1.1 has issue on tool tracking. soulution is here.

I enjoyed it as similar type of person who make cooking game.
I also considered using pinch for controll and mount Leap Motion on Oculus.

But it was too sensitive and not so straight of start. However the difficulity of control, the whole atmosphere of kitchen and challeng of many things are lot of fun!

Very cute and fun. the game play was a bit difficult than initially I thought.

his dance of victory really annoying. it works so well.

The way of movement seems very great.
This looks really well done.

I enjoyed it. but this is still kind of "bag Joke" type game.
And this make us consider age restriction filter on this website.


enjoyed. thanks for sharing.

how about competing longest or highest jump?

I was searching for another burger on the sea. but only found very first one.

Had fun! I believe you already noticed how important some instruction before game start or in game tutorial.

Aha-! Thanks. I saw the ending three times :)

Super cool idea. I loved the visuals of stage too. addtional level?

I am not sure how to overlord engines.