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when is full game coming

im so happy its not steam only because i play games on my school computer and they blocked steam

3rd person games that are in 3D seem so rare on itch io

this game was awesome i never played a romance visual novel this good

lovely game i also spent an hour straight trying to get all 6 endings but it was worth itttt

what are the controlss

how do i get bad ending

yeah it was a little laggy in non stop debates but maybe its just my computer i am playing on a school laptop

i looked all through the control manual but cant find the controls to pause the game how do i pause

bro we need more 3D games on itch io

ok thanks

where do i get full game? i see the youtubers with the full game but i only have the demo do i download the outdated version or something

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edit: nvm refreshed page good game

why dont my controls work?????

its not a bad game but you should add a save feature because when i got to the part where i was chased by the glitchy guy i died and it took me all the way back to the start

this looks so cool its looks like a ps2 game and it reminds me of resident evil 

how do you make a pc game? i really wanna be successful at something

it reminds me a little of resident evil

ok thx!

awesome game

this game looks so good too bad i dont got 16KB of ram bc im on a school laptop

how do you turn off the motion blur it makes the game too hard to play

how do you download rar filess?

bro yo realize you risking ur life?

no problem i hope a big popular youtuber plays one of your games and you become famous

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i love your games because ive never seen a game in this style  with actual voice acting because you get an idea of the characters personality just by their voice

i wish i could play but they dont allow me to download ue4_prerequisitesx64.exe  on my schoool computer or any app that makes changes😭😭

are you working on new volumes?

how do u download rar files

i wanna play this so bad but broke no money