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Such a short and simple concept that worked perfectly in practice! Genuinely had a lot of fun playing this one. 

Absolutely loved the atmosphere in this one! Genuinely refreshing playing something so charming, yet chilling. Had a lot of fun playing this with my friend!

Had a lot of fun pulling out the facecam and goofin with this one! 

Great concept with an even better sense of dread. Had a lot of fun playing this with my friend!

A Bit heavy on the jumpscares, but effective nonetheless!

Really proud to see how far you've come since the original version, my guy! Had a lot of fun playin this.

Everything I'd expect after seeing the quality of your Futurama game (in the best way)! I'll be keeping an eye on any new works from you in the future!

For our first impression of a slow burning horror game on my channel, i'm glad we picked this one. This game is short, yet effective. Found myself getting goosebumps even while editing it AFTER the recording session.

I love how much further you leaned into the comedy aspect of this one. Had a lot of fun playing this with my friend!

One of the shortest horror games ive ever played lol. Glad to see you gave it a little more room to grow in the sequel!

Such an awesome concept topped with an eerie, yet captivating aesthetic! Absolutely loved playing this game!

Not a bad concept for a short horror game, but I seriously reccommend balancing the audio levels!

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Suprisingly refreshing to step back into a game that's genuinely scary.  Even being on the short side, you sure packed this one with a lot of atmosphere!

Had a lot of fun dicking around on this game with my friend! Love the color palette, as well as the music (before it became all distorted)

Not bad my guy, had a lot of fun goofin with my friend! 

Short and to the point. Had a lot of fun with this one!

Graphics are nothing short of amazing, but there's much more to be desired storywise. Still had fun playing though!

Most fun i've had making a video in ages! Genuinely feels like an official futurama release!

Not even sure what to say besides... Happy birthday Grimace?

Of all the horror games i've played, this one takes the cake for being the most fun - while still keeping me at the edge of my seat. Absolutely love it!

I know i'm late to the party, but genuinely had a blast with this!

Truly an honor to be the first of many lets plays on this gem. Such a simple, small, and to the point game - yet extremely effective. Absolutely love it, my dudes!

Such a creative spin to a seemingly simple concept. I was so pleasently suprised by how adventurous it felt from start to finish!

Such a cursed game lmao
You're slowly becoming the meat canyon of indie games

such a slowburning banger of a game!

While definetly not something to overlook, given the obvious amount of dedication to the atmosphere and story; I definetly got a bit frusterated towards the end of the vid, due to the way it seemed to make me run in circles. In hindsight, however, I was mostly just being a little bitch. You got me really good, my guy. Good job!

Finally back with part 2! It's so cool to see how well this game has come along over the months! We're so proud of you all

Such an amazing addition to the franchise! Had so much fun revisiting it with my bro!

Such a great concept on a classic story, although a bit short. I know this game's pretty old, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I had my fingers crossed for something new by you like it.

Such a simple yet clever concept executed perfectly. Y'all did such a great job! 

Even for a short game, I love it. The atmosphere is creepy, yet really cute and nostalgic. The jumpscare is somehow unexpected; and the build up is perfect! I really hope you make a longer game with this style in the future.

I know I may be late to the party, but better now than never. I absolutely love the premise, atmosphere, and game mechanics of this one! I cant wait to see the full, sometime in the hopefully near future! 

Def liked the metaphors and atmosphere it threw me into from the very beginning. It took a bit for the message to personally kinda hit, but when it did, it really sealed the deal into making this game a pretty unique pick for me. Good job man

Really liked the atmosphere to the first half, but as the other comment before me pointed out, I'm not sure if the price is totally justified. Definetly not a bad game, but You may be shooting yourself in the foot with the price tag on this one.

Such an unexpected funny gem! Nice job, my guy :)

There's truly few things more terrifying than trying to sleep alone for the first time. Such a grounded, yet effective concept, with a wild ending! Great work dude! 

One of the best shitpost games i've played to date, a truly instant classic

Such unexpected streangth and atmosphere from a seemingly simple game. Might be one of my favorite openings to an indie game to date!

While definetly not bad, a little touching up would be nice. Great job, my guy!

Such a slow burning hidden gem. Absolutely love the atmosphere!