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Such a laid back experience to play through with my friend. Love the atmosphere, the color scheme, and most of all, the food.

one of the most stress inducing games i've ever attempted. Beautiful work.

Currently 300 hours into the long run. My family says I have a problem, and my wife took my dog.

Such a well executed example of indie horror at its most impressive. Absolutely loved the atmosphere, and the goosebumps it left me with.

Such a promising game! Im anticipating the full version!
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My dumb ass didn't look into the game enough to find out there were actually 4 endings so please excuse the arrogance. Beside's any gripes this is a pretty well made adaption to the classic creepy pasta I was petrified of as a kid! Great props my guy!

Such an awesome concept to explore with full emersion. Looking forward to where you might take this idea in the future!

Though I do have a few gripes about small details, this game is definetly not to be overlooked. Its been quite a while since ive played a horror game thats genuinly made my blood go cold.

a very well made schizo post on a premise that both confuses and scares tf out of me. You did great, my dude. 

Absolutely loved the atmosphere and dedication put into this one. I can't wait for the finished version so that I can speed run that bih.

Absolutely loved this game. Keep up the good work my dude!

such a cute game with a cool balance of 3d and 2d design

Had a lot of fun playing this with my friend! Absolutely love the simplicity, yet sinister undertone at even the most chill of moments.

Such a smooth, crisp, and terrifying game! I don't know if i'm more impressed with the way your sound design still gave me goosebumps while editing this vid after playing, or by the fact that I still want to keep this game to play again and scare other friends.

Wasn't expecting such a humorous yet unsettling game when I downloaded this. It was such a pleasant suprise to find fear and comedy in this all too real harsh mockery of toxic work culture. 
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Your creativity and skill on this project was an amazing experience my dude. You making the new classics!

Great idea, though still rough around the edges. Had a lot of fun playing nonetheless!

This game tapped into my worst fear in horror games: hiding from scary things.

Extremely well done in terms of setting up an eerie atmosphere and a chilling story. Though there were quite a few bugs I found a bit annoying overtime, they still fail to overshadow what a well done first episode this is.

Big scary. Did cry ngl.
Definetly appreciate the atmosphere and new look at an already classic game.

Bummer that i'm so late to the party, but so glad we got the pleasure of playing reguardless! 

EXTREMELY FUN AND GREAT QUALITY. Absolutely love how the doors are so unpredictable!
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Simple, eerie, and to the point. Absolutely loved playing this with my pal to kill time.

Holy shit this was amazing! Had I not been joined with my mans Drew i'd have probably shidded myself. Keep up the amazing work!

Been awhile since I played a truly spooky game with little to no jumpscares. The style and atmosphere alone is enough to let anyone know they're in for a ride.

Not sure it there's much I can say that hasnt already been said, but this game has truly come a long way since it's initial release and I mean it in all the best of way

Best graphics in an indie horror game i've played so far.
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Absolutely love it! Gave me a good cold chill without resorting to any cheap jump scares, and became one of the few games i've played on this site that i'd really like to see a follow up installment on. Really appreciate what you're doin here my guy!

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Poked a lot of fun at the fandom aspect of it, but when push comes to shove, I greatly appreciate the time, effort, and emotion put into this indie game. Mad props for tackling something so serious and making it not only your own, but a positive piece of art others can enjoy. 

Not a bad atmosphere. Definetly needs more content in it, but a very promising start to what could be a very solid indie horror game

Really gives me old school retro vibes with very fluid movement. Great work!

Not gonna be able to shit alone for a month thanks to this game. Great work dude!

Made me the big fright. Will die again. 

Very scary. Did shit.

ngl bro that was kinda fucked. But I gotta say it definetly fulfilled it's purpose, so i'll be keeping a close eye on whatever hidden gems you drop next.

Pretty great game! probably coulda done without bein' doxxed lmao but all in all very well done for an indie game to say the least! 

Got me shitting bricks my man! Keep it up!