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i feel like it could be fairly likely for some characters from this to show up in later games, seeing as three man was from mega man sprite game, and there are actually a lot of cameos from mega man sprite characters in some of her other games> 
it'd be so funny to, like, see franken and the protagonist on their honeymoon just randomly in some future game in a few years or something>

nevermind you're right i rewatched it he literally did mention it> 

honestly my whole world is being deconstuctified at this very moment> 

rpg maker is definitely pretty confusing

but wasn't mega man sprite game made in rpg maker?

or was nitrorad just a dirty liar>

yeah i read that in the credits but i didn't exactly know that while playing the game>

is there any particular reason you used that engine over rpg maker?

oh i literally thought there was no menu because i tried pressing x and c which i'm used to in rg maker games

but i guess off uses escape also so maybe i'm just dumb>

literally smile across my face the whole game

is there even a real bestiary though

this might be my favorite rpg released this year lmao>
this rocks honestly> 
in so many ways>

donkey kong kicks ass

Dang this game is looking cool. I for some reason think your steam page is hilarious and find it fun to follow low scale projects but oddly I'm looking forward to when this is done.


hooray lol

when people ask a bunch of their friends to do something, i'm usually the only one who actually does. some call it being a good friend, i call it doing too many things at once

true fact lol

play it


it's going to be s t r a n g e

i will make the best game i have ever made

i shall attempt

my score is bad lol