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I don't know if there a max, but to be honest, having stats on 9 higher will make you unable to fail stats check

I still have my save that I import to the latest version from when I can get a lot of witch potion and I make my stats at 8. it works fine for all stats. But honestly, I like to play with the RNG so I had other save that were made on the latest version of the game. It's stressful to fail but also fun for me

How do I use my skillpoints in this update? 

Yea, I notice the update is out. I just meant the devlog thing that got delayed most of the time. Although, I have to wonder what kind of development hell dis you went through making this game 馃槄

Delayed development as usual, huh. I wonder what dev usually do to know what to put in there other thank what they want to talk about, because if it's me, I would've forgotten what I added or fixed or changed

I don't get it... idk what this game is either... I got the main ending I think, but I can't figure out the secret one

I've seen a lot of games had similar ui like this... what exactly are you people using to make these games?

I hope we can just hypnotize psychic pokemon or something on our own in the future.

...or maybe I just want to brainwash the pokemon

When it's the mirror, you're supposed to just run, there's too many mirrors

The end

There's a bad ending in that game?

I still wait for the bat.

Honestly I sometimes wonder if working on a game on RPG Maker are easier or harder

I can't type my name in new game on browser version in chrome...


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Did you try checking the other option? I'm pretty sure there's 2 option after choosing "getting into trouble". Citrine also wrote the name of the choice to take in the 1.3 devlog, just follow that. If unsure, just check all option

Is this going to be made sometime in the future?

Does this game allows me to hypnotize someone? or I'm the one getting hypnotized

I wonder if something happened again... I thought there's supposed to be an update a few days ago, but I guess waiting a bit more won't hurt. Hopefully everythings fine though

I was searching game that are related to hypnosis, mind control, or brainwashing/manipulation, but I guess this'll do

I'm still waiting for more of that bat content

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I really want to see more of the bat scene and maybe finally enslave them or something. All I can do is wait and see

I honestly thought there's a devlog posted for v1.1.1 , but I just notice there's none ._.

Oh well

The thing is, I already beat it. That's why I wanna go to the right

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can't go to the right, I'm sad

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God, that last one felt like forever. Finished it, it was fun! but the last one are still a big pain

I wonder how is the bat still okay after being flashed/punched multiple times lol

There's currently only 1 witch potion in the game it's when he came home. The other potion will probably added later, but not yet at least.

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Where is the witch potion?

edit: nevermind

you're not the only one...