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I'll send you the game in a unity package in a minute

thank you for hosting this jam!

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When a platform is your only way forward that means it's 100% safe. If there are multiple ways that means u need to check, sorry for confusing you

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The game is supposed to be a bit frustrating, it's inspired by Jump King and getting over it and those games are way more frustrating, that's, in my opinion, a fun-to-play genre but of course, it's not for everyone,

for the randomness part of your review, no there is no time where you are not 100% sure of the platform, you probably haven't read the description of the game or wasn't focusing while playing.

anyway, have a nice day and thanks for playing<3


yeah it has that luck thing in it haha. thanks for playing<3

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Glad you like it

yup luck is a thing in dice games, the idea is that you can stack time by doing good when you have a good luck, so when your luck is bad you don't lose. thanks for playing<3