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Congrats on publishing a game in Jai! I loved it, and so thrilled to finally experience a taste of Jai. Would love to see the source code someday because I'm wanting to develop games in Jai as well. Great work:)

I love this one! Nice credit screen too! I really liked it

Super fun! Great job

So freaking fun! The art for that whirlpool is so freaking cool!!!!!

I'm really interested to see how you were able to draw the moving terrain like that, that was awesome!

Nice artwork!

Cool effect!

Install instructions

-Download and unzip the master folder from

-Download and install love2d from

-Drag and drop the repository folder onto the love shortcut to run the game

Super fun! Loved the animations and ideas. <3

I like the melting effects!

Thanks for the succinct instructions for running it! And thanks for playing! :)

Hi all! I just wanted to thank you, javidx9, for encouraging submissions from all levels of programming. I'm still very new to code, but you made me feel like I should join anyway and I had a lot of fun trying to make something!