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I'm trying to use these in Unity with tilemap to make my scenario but I found it difficult to use since the tiles are not power of 2, I'm not expert on this, can you guide me on how to proper use these assets in a tilemap? Thanks

Hi, what's the difference between the different Chibi Robot packs? I got the bundle and got 3 of them. Thanks

I just disabled the sandbox mode and worked as expected from itch,  thanks.

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Found out that Itch was running Tape in sandbox mode and that was giving problem.

hi, I cloned the themes repo and tried drag and drop onto Tape and I get the forbidden Icon, I'm using the svg file that come in the repo, should I convert them into png or what I'm doing wrong? I'm launching Tape from inside Itch. Thanks

Yes I understand that, but what I mean, that the tileset author could do some character that go with the tileset style... I don't mean to say that it should fit all users... but in my search, since I'm a dev but not an artist, I try to search for complete sets event when they don't have everything I need if they have characters with the basics things like idle, walk, attack and die that's enough to start a game, but that doesn't happen and I find so many amazing tilesets but no character that fit the style :(

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This is amazing.  really good work.  are you planning on making some characters that can go with all these sets?  usually that's my problem, I find great tilesets but no characters that match the style.  will buy your bundle tho, too good to let it pass.  Kudos!

Got this assets in the Humble Bundle and I like it. A question tho... Why there are like White Strips in some of the Tilesets?