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If it is skipping, that means there is more content planned there that isn't in yet.

Do you mean hosting the game on here? The game file is too big for itch.

That is totally up to you. You can also chose to stay with Meg or break up with her.

There isn't an official Android version here but you can probably find it elsewhere if you search for it.

You can save and reload if you are having problems with a match.

That would be fine.

This is just the PC version but you may be able to find an unofficial version if you search for it.

There will definitely be more content with Mei down the line.

I assume they are using RenpyWeb to host it on their website and that is still in Beta, so there are probably some bugs from that.

Gamcore posts everyone's games there without permission so I am not worried if the game is crashing there or not. I have no idea how their hosting works so I have no idea how to fix the crash since it works fine in the regular version.

This will be fixed in a future patch if you cheated and are maxed out.

This will be fixed in a future patch if you cheated and are maxed out.

The bug in that dialogue will be fixed in a future version

The free week is just extra time for people who wanted to see more dates.

This isn't a full time job for me so update speeds can depend from month to month.

Are you trying to download the latest? Works for me.

Thank you for the attempt, not sure why they would do that.

That was a placeholder. The scene for it was not added until the 6.0 update.

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I am uploading a new version now that will replace that.

Walkthrough link:

Unless you are cheating, the 3rd date is not going to be available yet.

Sounds like a missing or corrupt image file. If you can't find that image, you may want to try reinstalling the game.

not intentionally

There is no sound in this game.

Hope you enjoy them! There is a lot of new Licorice content in the next update, too.

That is it exactly, thank you!

The download link for 4.7 is working for me. Patreon backers have access to the 4.8 build. Old saves from 4.61 should transfer over without any problems.

You can list them here or post them on the thread on F95 if you aren't on Patreon. Some bugs may be fixed in Patreon updates which is usually one release ahead. Thank you.

Updates are anywhere from 2-4 weeks and usually are half a day of content but some of those are quite large when they have new dates for all of the students. Patrons get the newest update and then the old one becomes public.

Thank you!

Please try deleting all of the files and reinstalling. It looks like there are duplicate files that are causing the issue.

Kissing someone during 7 minutes counts as cheating in their relationship so you need to avoid it if you want to avoid any kind of cheating.

Are you playing off of an old save file? This should not be an issue if you start a new game.

Maybe in the future but probably not for a little bit.

I do not know very much about those but will look into them. Thank you for the suggestions.

Thank you, just updated!

Pretty standard fetishes for a lesbian game but there will also be some light BDSM as well.

Yes, this is an adult lesbian visual novel.  Decisions you make will matter but issues with mouse and keyboard should not be a problem.

Yes, Amy and Max can get married!

Thank you. Should be an update in a couple of weeks at the latest.

Thank you, I am hoping to release a mini-update in a couple of weeks that will introduce most of the cast of characters.