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My old theme suggestions still apply:

Back to the roots; meta game; old school

Back to the roots; meta game; old school

Are you going to be developing on stream? Will you be playing games from this jam on stream? If so, post your stream link in this thread! (If you have VODs enabled, that would be nice)

Mine is here.

Hey, if you are going to be streaming, post your link here (also it would be nice if you had VODs enabled!)

Mine is here.


This was a concern,  but the times are very possible, maybe it takes practice. Janosch, the level designer, had no problem with the timeframes.

I don't think it works, at least for me. Doesn't launch. :(

It doesn't run for me :( Maybe you didn't package all the files ?

You can also look at the previous KrassJam to get an idea of how to get your theme. Every jam is going to be different however, so you will have to wait for the jam to start to get specific instructions.

Hey there! You seem to have interpreted the jam wrong. The theme will be given randomly to you. Wait until the jam starts and you will be given instructions on how to get your theme! This is done to prevent cheating.

Very addicting!