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I told my friend that played with me to make a fan art of the sweet boy Kirby. Hope  you all like it ^^

I really loved this game. It brought me such as peace and love. I can't describe in words how I fell in love with all the characters, but I must say that my favorite ones are Erika, Matt and the main character.

I has became one of my favorite games and I will remember it forever and ever. I found it in Steam while searching for Visual Novel games and this is the first one I chose. Please I want to know more about them I don't care if it is a comic or whatever but I have the need to know more and to play more games from you. Thank you so much for making this wonderful game and I hope this game will arrive to everyone's hearts. 

I really really loved this game . Thanks for making it! ^^

I have played this game on steam and I really loved it. Can't describe with words how much I ship those cuties <3 . Thanks for making this wonderful game.

I liked playing this game with these cute and wonderful characters. Thanks for making it! <3

Interesting story with amazing characters. Loved this game a lot! <3

This is one of my favourite rpg games and it won't change for nothing :3

I really loved the game Min and Diya are my favourite characters of this wonderful game <3 I really recommend this game to everyone.

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This is a beautiful game. I really love Dulce x Brin. This is my favourite couple. Thanks for making this precious game! <3 

I really enjoyed this game. It brought me such as peace and happiness. I recommend you all to play this wonderful game! <3

I really loved the game. My favourite characters are Bea and Angie including Cici of course hehe. Well done! <3

I really loved this game, was so original and amazing. Can't describe it exactly in words. <3