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sadly he did :(

now update it

how do i open the fiile?

hi, i tried downloading because this game, but i cant open the file


i got 9999999999991

please make a graphics settings

i got 4250

i enjoyed this somehow

im going to see how fast my speedrun was, but i have a slow laptop and i think itt might affect the time :(

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we need an update

i tried it its funny

that would be good


nice, i use lighter and lighter

NOOOOO im broke:( i used to play the catacombs for ages and wanted something like this, but its not free :(

pls make a discord server for this

what settings do yyou use?

AI's are cracked

i just hit 4530 the other day

very pog

you could also add a leaderboard because idk if 3000 points is good or not

pls add a bigger arena so i can have more space to air dribble 

try downloading it

my best is 3000 with the car and ball settings on lighter