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The itch app should let you view local files (maybe right click on the game?), but if it doesn't, you can see the README online here:

Also note that this only works on the Windows version of the game. Unfortunately I've not been able to get my hands on a Mac to republish the game with the latest changes yet, apologies if that's what you're playing.

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I might have done a little manual board editing when I first released the game back in 2017 ;)

You can look at the included README for instructions on how to change controls! It even includes a sample control set for folks who are used to up-as-rotate.

And to skip all the setup, you can hit "Escape". The game will tell you this if you play more than once.

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There are five normal boards, and one special board that can’t be changed (the THX board). 

>actually counts the board as finished

It’s never really over 😉. Congrats on the all-clear though!

true SRS agent here

Glad to hear you liked the game! If you're still playing, I just published a version that has control remapping.

There is an uneasiness in that I am punished for doing poorly not only at work, but in the refuge of my own home. The alarm and horns only further contribute. Good work.

Cool aesthetic, the harmonization is great. Wish there were more chords to form!

It sort of reminds of the end of each chapter in Monument Valley 2 where you're able to draw the end constellation. There was a sort of fun in trying to make my patterns as symmetric as possible.

ugh, never hire a SNAIL for a SLUG’s job!!

This looks very cool, will try out soon! Could you link back to the LD page so I can leave a rating as well?

I had played this when it came out and forgot to leave a comment! It's a pretty neat idea and twist on the Bitsy formula. Spooky too!