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Says the person again calling names, acting aggressive, and telling a person with an opinion what they and another person who you don't know were thinking.

You must want drama and argument over the Internet.

Feel free to reply with more signaling and reactionism. I'll let you win. 

End of line. 

Translation: "My computer has 2 graphics cards (3070.3080), how can I make the software take full advantage of all graphics cards"

Good question.  Never even thought of this.

"That's not an acceptable response" says the person name calling in a response. Paying coders is a proper response if you want something early. The coder is under no obligation to release it publicly for free. So, you can either wait patiently, or pay the coder for their efforts. I respect the coder for even releasing it for free at all. When the coder is ready to put it up for free, then they will.  The coder needs to make a living, so your entitlement doesn't matter. 

Have a great day.

If you want it so bad, pay the guy a bit. Coding isn't easy, takes time and work. $10 to support good coders and programs is worth it.

Is there a Github for this?  

Wish there were an Android port of this. Tilting to navigate would be fun! 

I don't need that and not even worried about it.  I love supporting Indie game devs, and I need to spend my Navy pension somewhere! ;-)

Already bought it on Google Play.  As soon as you can sell it again, I'll purchase it.  Sorry for your troubles, and I love the little games you make, they are perfect entertainment. 

Purchased on Google Play.  How much do you get of that?  If it's not enough, I'll buy it here too.

Can you allow for custom keybinds? I have limited use of my left hand from arthritis and can't use the traditional WASD setup. It would be great if one could bind any key they need to any action. 

Found you on Reddit by the way!