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from just the short prologue i can confidently say that i m so excited to see where this goes as the whole forced harem thing was a big let down with the original game and just luke's whole thing was iffy, so im very excited to see how the rewrite develops

While this is free to play "gems" are required to pick the good responses as well as outfits and the only way to get said gems by the looks of things is by watching ads, by purchasing them or by what seems to be achievements, 

if this is the case i would put on this page that in app purchases are in the game or alternative ways for the gems, 

i understand that you need to make money its just that i feel like the hour count down on the ads for diamonds is excessive and that there should be more ways to get the gems.

If possible can you send them to me aswell, my discord is error#7346

sorry for a very late response but the game requires you to download all of the zip files and extract them into a few folders if needed i can explain more

hey idk if its just me but the file isnt able to be downloaded

first you'd need to unlock the associated character through the gacha system at the chapel, then when it turns night there should be a chess piece on the table in the mc's home click on that and boom there you are

i loved this but the ending was actually somewhat depressing lol is there alternative endings depending on choices made in the dreams or will it always lead out the same just with different characters

ive finished the good routes of all 4 boys and i wanna cry this game was so cute and the music was so good

ah right thanks for the response, after wandering ive pretty much done most of the stuff and im just missing one card, also just as a heads up in the tar fight its easy to cheese it if you have lost as, if you go back to the text before the actual loss dialogue (for me that is swiping to the right as i have a touch screen laptop) the game panics and sets up a win condition even though the fight was technically never finished just as a heads up

also where do i look for seeds just as a general area

i have an issue where on certain enemies clicking cards makes me forfiet (an attack card against a kolbimp for example) i get why this happens with other enemies but i thought any card works against a kolbimp correct me if im wrong 

nevermind you have to create the folder and extract most of the zip files into it

it requires a _Data folder otherwise this game will not run please upload this data folder so that your game is actually playable and uploading it in all one download will make things easier

1. boot through the app after updating and selecting the second 64x bit version,

2. start a new game

3. progress as normal

4. reject kaori and accept daisuke's date request

5. a sort of rythm minigame plays where arrows appear with a timer

these were the steps i took

noticed two things that might be considered bugs, saves from 0.4 are not compatible or at least the second date with daisuke seems to not be able to be done and for the bar scene and possible other dates even if you pick simple mode the minigame still seems to play. (the second date thing could just be me misreading the 0.45 devlog though)

i dont seem to be able to boot this game as it seems to crash as soon as the game opens up and i can have the log in the pastebin if required

but i think its due to computer specs

whelp so much for that one

rip this beautiful abandoned piece of art

Want more or are we done?

completely different person buddy, but nice try on that one for starters the account that originally started doesn't use any punctuation, I do. secondly, if I was this account wouldn't I have responded quicker? And then there's account creation dates, which if you don't want to get into I won't

small bit of a bug, when moving around the house lighting the jack-o-lanterns after putting candles in and the one in the parlour lit itself up even without a candle

any of the .zip or .html will work but for the .zips you will need a sort of file manager that can open them

after the lizard tribe does the thing the bull shop isnt available and as far as i knew that was the only place for torches for the dungeon, is the lizard tribe the place i get them now or have i messed up and lost torches and rope for good until the next update?

i keep getting this too... is it cause im running it through the itch app

So i got to the bit where the slimes agree to help with the mural but when i go to progress by clicking on my map it keeps disappearing, is this normal or has the game broke (playing the download version)

didn't know where to send the bug report so i thought this would be best

forgot to change accounts buddy?

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I'm having issues opening the game, it boots to a window but then stops responding could this be the game or godot itself? and should i link a pastebin of the log file?

edit: Fixed it some how no idea how tho

Nvm fixed it i just needed to plug in my speakers

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Hi, me again sorry in advance,

i'm trying to open the game through the itch launcher and it opens but then instantly closes...

and when i open the game through the installed file i get an error saying "Custom{[file_write_stderr]}"

what have i done and how can i fix it as last time i did one of these it was working fine through the itch launcher

for the first one, it seems that, due to differences in browser and hardware differences, the pictures will not load... possibly due to a java issue and i have no idea for the second one sorry

oop late happy turkey day but yeah take as much time as you need

ah ok, i thought it caused the desert oasis sublocation to be able to be discovered how rare is that event for the oasis to appear?

Ah ok i will give it a go to see if it fixes the issue. And the late response is fine it is understandable will update soon