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small bit of a bug, when moving around the house lighting the jack-o-lanterns after putting candles in and the one in the parlour lit itself up even without a candle

i had a "api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-l2-1-0.dll" is missing issue... im not that experienced with unreal engine but im assuming this is something on my end

any of the .zip or .html will work but for the .zips you will need a sort of file manager that can open them

after the lizard tribe does the thing the bull shop isnt available and as far as i knew that was the only place for torches for the dungeon, is the lizard tribe the place i get them now or have i messed up and lost torches and rope for good until the next update?

i keep getting this too... is it cause im running it through the itch app

So i got to the bit where the slimes agree to help with the mural but when i go to progress by clicking on my map it keeps disappearing, is this normal or has the game broke (playing the download version)

didn't know where to send the bug report so i thought this would be best

forgot to change accounts buddy?

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I'm having issues opening the game, it boots to a window but then stops responding could this be the game or godot itself? and should i link a pastebin of the log file?

edit: Fixed it some how no idea how tho

Nvm fixed it i just needed to plug in my speakers

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Hi, me again sorry in advance,

i'm trying to open the game through the itch launcher and it opens but then instantly closes...

and when i open the game through the installed file i get an error saying "Custom{[file_write_stderr]}"

what have i done and how can i fix it as last time i did one of these it was working fine through the itch launcher

for the first one, it seems that, due to differences in browser and hardware differences, the pictures will not load... possibly due to a java issue and i have no idea for the second one sorry

its fine, i apologise for any inconvenience i caused

oop late happy turkey day but yeah take as much time as you need

ah ok, i thought it caused the desert oasis sublocation to be able to be discovered how rare is that event for the oasis to appear?

Ah ok i will give it a go to see if it fixes the issue. And the late response is fine it is understandable will update soon

does the desert map actually do something yet? if so, how rare is the event?

i tried that but it wouldn't let me select it... should i record what happens and send it over?


a controller i have is just labelled as an "UNMAPPED" profile. Is this an issue on my end?  The controller i have is a gameware rumble control pad from the windows xp era if that info was needed

i suggest trying to contact them through their discord but i would also like to know the answer to this

i gave edge a go bit a similar issue is this a unity or html5 game as i might be having issues with the engine itsel

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the game doesnt load through the installer or through chrome browser

any idea?

probs should add that im on windows 7

have you deleted everything? i really enjoyed this and was gonna show it to a friend but it keeps sending me to a dead page

I have the same issues

that is correct... 0.05 is downloadable

do you mean 0.06?

seriously, you guys deserve it

like seriously , im so glad that a great game got a port :)

I'm getting an error with the android version, any ideas?

you'd have to progress through rinny's quest to the masters mansion at the third part of the graveyard (make sure you find pixie first)

whats the best way to maid during rinny's quest? what strength level is recommended?

I get this too other comments say to  wait awhile

yeah that fixed the issue i kind of went a different way and showed the boss mercy and didn't get the credits but i realized i had to use the cannon and not jump into the ceaseless void

ill go do that... i assume the credits after the melon boss

i cant access the bonus book even though i have completed the main story. was there something i missed?