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the game doesnt load through the installer or through chrome browser

any idea?

probs should add that im on windows 7

have you deleted everything? i really enjoyed this and was gonna show it to a friend but it keeps sending me to a dead page

I have the same issues

that is correct... 0.05 is downloadable

do you mean 0.06?

seriously, you guys deserve it

like seriously , im so glad that a great game got a port :)

I'm getting an error with the android version, any ideas?

you'd have to progress through rinny's quest to the masters mansion at the third part of the graveyard (make sure you find pixie first)

whats the best way to maid during rinny's quest? what strength level is recommended?

I get this too other comments say to  wait awhile

yeah that fixed the issue i kind of went a different way and showed the boss mercy and didn't get the credits but i realized i had to use the cannon and not jump into the ceaseless void

ill go do that... i assume the credits after the melon boss

i cant access the bonus book even though i have completed the main story. was there something i missed?