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Future Audio Workshop is vanguard developer, i think their SubLab maybe give you some idea.

algorithm sound quality is better,  stretch give some tuning let the higher pitch tail sweeter!  :D
now, is really get in the project!

awesome! also thx for your recommend, i will be careful :D

i test all algorithm, only timefactor give more nice length feeling, but mono.

i use edison to pitch kick like this video 

if this plugin give fix length, i really appreciate it, that will save my lifetime!

as we say, this plugin give a good start for kick, but right now,  still need add some feature to it.

1. tail length time fix

when tail got pitch, the tail's length time will also changed. higher pitch will got short length time, lower pitch will got longer length time.

2. ADSR and other effects feedback display in real time at sample analyzer

give a nice touch :D

3. effects single control for tok(punch)

i have already seen someone mention tok pitch, tok need same single effects control such as like volume/EQ