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I would like to be able to place the coast line, river or main road by hand and then generate the city around these features. This would make city maps generated from Azgarr's Fantasy Map Generator cities to better match their surroundings and usually when I'm generating maps for my games, i already have some of it's main features established, so iterating on details would be faster if you don't have to rotate and sculpt every result before you see if you like it.

It would be great to have some height features, mountains, hills and cliffs. For how mountains effect village and town planning, see Japanese inland (eq. Gifu prefecture) or smaller towns in Switzerland, but it is mostly that buildings are in long but narrow streaks at bottom of a valley, then few farms where there are flatter areas, usually also at valley bottom. These height features could also be used for water and road generation, so roads going uphill will have serpentine bends and water flows downhill or at bottom of a valley, having more bends on flatter areas.