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That's awesome! Maybe I can finally get my hands on a physical copy

This is adorable. Happy anniversary

Unending community · Created a new topic Cover Art?

Hi! Love the game. I was wondering if you had any sort of cover/title art lying around? I like to add games to my steam library, and steam lets you add custom art to those games so they look like any other game in your library. If you don't have anything lying around I might try and whip something up, to the best of my ability

Thanks for this faithful remaster!

Thank you so much! This is my favorite one so far, it looks right at home

Oh also, because I'm a pedant I can't resist letting you know, but there's one typo, on the Blame sign. It reads: "Nothing about who designed it, nor the landscapers that planned out its placement or which architecture team they where directed by". That "where" at the end should be "were".

Sorry, obnoxious comment, I know.

This is a beautiful little experience! Thank you sincerely for making it. I love all the little touches, like the limited view and the odd numbering of the benches.

I wonder if you have any art for the game, as something like a poster? I ask because you can add non-steam games to your steam library (which I have done with this) and then assign them custom cover art so they look just like any other game in your library. If not, I'll probably whip something up and post it on

By the way, in case you're curious, the game was mentioned in a recent video by a popular youtuber named Jacob Geller (where I heard about you from!), here.

I love that this game's still getting some love. It's crazy to think I first played Ending in middle school. You make some really cool stuff!

Awesome upgrade to Kobold Dungeon Tester! Because I'd feel wrong without making at least one annoyingly pedantic note, there's a typo in the library room with the Get Rich Quick book (it says "togeher" in one spot when it should say "together").

Seriously though, I love this

Love you guys!

Gotta love Pico-8


🍓 x 16

🕒 00:18:10

💀 119

Think that's all the strawberries

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I only managed to find 12


Awesome to see more games from you!

Really well done! I particularly like how the little bounding boxes for where the enemies would turn around were displayed, visually

Thanks for making the game, it's still one of my favorites. You rock

Thanks a bunch! You're too hard on yourself, it looks great! And I'm sure whatever you end up using will look fantastic, like the rest of the game

Hey, I was wondering if you had something in the way of cover art for the demo? (it doesn't need to be demo specific or anything). I have the demo added to my steam library, and would love to make it blend in by giving it a cover rather than the blank grey it is now, and I have no art or editing skill myself.

Either way, hype for the full release!

Out of curiosity, do you happen to have a title card or something for this? Looking to put something up for the image in steam. I'll probably whip up something of my own to put on in the meanwhile, I'll comment again here if I do for anyone else who'd want it!