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A member registered Jul 21, 2016

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Hey guys I'm loving the new update, just a couple things that I think would be great to see in upcoming betas (I know you guys are focussing on polishing, AI etc). Firstly some improvements on the tank's secondary gun, it's near impossible to aim as it's influenced by the movement of the bot's gun. I also reckon that having markers on the minimap for where friendly med and ammo packs have been dropped could really add to their usefulness. Thanks for a really solid game so far :)

Holy shit looking nice dude

Bring back left alt to scope plz, good for when playing on the go

Cheers for the update guys

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Really love the aesthetic of this game, I'm sure you guys are working on multiplayer and new maps and the other shit people are commenting on atm, but just the way it is, it would be nice to see the ak get buffed coz at the moment its kinda hopeless and not really viable for close range (eagle can one shot) or long range (sniper is far more accurate) and it deals too little damage to be used at mid range