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I would love to see an expansion/update to this game.  No other Siren Head game comes close to this one with regards to the story and gameplay mechanics.  I love how the notes build up the tension and then the AI progressively gets more aggressive as you collect parts.  I had so much fun playing this!

Your PC is trash, and you can survive playing with a mouse and keyboard.  This is an indie game; they don't need to cater to the needs of every minority.

v1.3.1 is on UndreamedPanic's Gamejolt page.

v1.3.1 is on UndreamedPanic's Gamejolt page.

You can get the older v1.3.1 version on UndreamedPanic's Gamejolt page.  I have a copy of v1.4.1 but you constantly die, so I think that's the only version left to download if you don't want the Nithorn update.