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Such an awsome game!   Enjoyed playing it alot!

Ok thanks.

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Hello Innersloth, I bought this game not too long ago and my pc says that I cant run the game. Something about it putting my computer at risk. Any ways I hope you dont mind but is there a way I can maybe get a rufund? 

New version is really great. Keep up the good work Dave.   :)

Around the clock at bikini bottom is an amazing game. I just got done playing glove world, 3451 anchor way and spongebobs pineapple. I love how everything looks and how everything is polished. And the animations are off the charts!!! This game is great and it deserves all the love it can get!!  It’s a real bummer that you can’t sell this though 😢. This game deserves to make money!! Your work has improved big time!! Keep up the good work Dave!  Can’t wait to play your other future projects 😁

What would be the point in doing that?

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:D   :D    :D   :D

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Hey so, you were right about my PC's  processing. Turn's out I just needed to reset my entire PC and it worked. Thank you so much. Your the best :D

K thanks :)

Hey, so I was playing boofies bunker and when I opened the game up it started but it was really glitchy and it kept lagging. Then when I went to play Artys Memoir it was just a black screen and after a while of waiting for like 5 minutes I had decided to close the game, I reopened the file and it did the same thing. So I exited the game again but instead I tried the valentines day challenge it did open but it was lagging a lot, so I exited and did the Christmas challenge but it did the same thing. So I deleted the game and downloaded it again but it did the same thing. So I decided to restart my device because maybe my computer was just experiencing problems. But when I opened the game up again it did the same thing again. 

Any Idea on how to fix this kind of bug?


There is also something I wanted to ask, does shelved mean your not going to  finish development because you have your other projects to work on or does it mean your not going to finish development just because?

Try using his gamejolt. Gamejolt actually has card payment.

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OOHHH Mr.Krussy, is that you?

Spongey me bucko I require souls of the DAMMED!!

ah ok

Hello Dave I know your probably busy right now but uh I just wanted to ask you a quick question.

So basically I was playing one of your old games called Dracula's castle and after beating it a bunch of times it made me wonder, after your done with ATCABB are you gonna continue working on Dracuals castle or no?

I mean obviously you have SN2 the STFTD update and Dave.EXE to work on after words but um are you gonna resume back to Dracula's castle?

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thats ok, maybe I could ask my sister if she has pay pal. 

is there another way I can pay without pay pal?

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it’s available only on his Patreon for now. 

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dave does this game run on windows 10?   

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You have to pay for it in order to download, this game it is not free because it required a lot of work to make.

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Listen this game cost money for a reason. Believe me, I respect the fact that this dude is trying to make a living off of making  these games and you should too, So stop behaving like a baby and deal with it.