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Just wanted to say that I love this game so much! <3

You had me at 'world penis' :)

Congrats on finishing the music portion! 

I am fine with waiting for however long you need dear. It is better to take time making something in order for it to really shine :) 

This is one of the best free games on for this genre, it's well written and hard to stop reading once you get pulled into the plot and it's many twisty turns and interesting characters which is the mark of a good story in my opinion. <3

I had an absolute blast playing season one and two,  I am definitely looking forward to season 3!  

There is always going to be people who hate on things, especially those who probably can't even make a game themselves. As for me and others here for sure love your work and appreciate the time and effort you have put into this game. Keep doing your thing, you are awesome! <3 

This looks fun! Can't wait to play it :) 

I'm so looking forward to this <3

I am so READY for this game! ;-;

Cute Game <3 

I wish there was a bit more to the story though, what a tease ;)

WHOO! So excited for this! Been busy since Halloween but I have the time to play now! The game looks amazing <3 

Can't wait to play the finished product! keep up the good work, your games are some of the BEST on Itch.Io <3